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Powell is endorsing Obama. Obama should be ashamed but he isn’t.

Colin Powell is a war criminal in the same mold as Hitler’s foreign minister, Joachim von Ribbentrop. Von Ribbentrop never fired up the ovens. He didn’t machine gun people in trenches that were really mass graves. What he did was to lie, threaten, and violate international agreements to facilitate Hitler’s crimes. That’s why he was found guilty at Nuremberg.

Colin Powell served both Bush’s and Clinton as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, National Security Advisor Secretary of State. He facilitated the genocides of LBJ, Nixon, Clinton and Bush2 and the criminal oil war of Bush1 in defense of the homophobic parasites who own Kuwait.

Colin Powell was assistant chief of staff of the 23rd Infantry Division in Nam where he lied under oath and attempted to discredit the expert testimony of courageous GI whistleblowers like Tom Glen of the 11th Light Infantry Brigade who exposed the My Lai Massacre. Powell said: “In direct refutation of this portrayal is the fact that relations between American soldiers and the Vietnamese people are excellent.”

In reality over a million Vietnamese civilians were slaughtered on the orders of Democrat LBJ and Republican Nixon before their invasion and occupation was unceremoniously defeated, just as the Clinton-Bush-Obama effort will be in the Middle East. Some may forgive LBJ, Humphrey, Powell, The Bushes, Obama, Clinton and Gore for their role in the genocides in Vietnam and Iraq because it’s politically expedient to ignore their murders but the rest of us don’t.

The fact that Powell is once again endorsing Obama means that Powell feels safe that he won’t be indicted as a war criminal as long as Obama continues wars of aggression and that he agrees with Obama’s war policy, which will enlarge and expand these wars causing more deaths and putting the finishing touches on the destruction of our economy and standard of living.

Powell’s endorsement would be coldly rejected by anyone with an ounce of decency, which is why Obama will revel in it.

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Bill Perdue

Bill Perdue