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Bill O’Reilly Calls Occupy Wall Street “Terrorists” BUT He Says A Lot Of Disgusting Things

On Friday I went to see a play called Jesus Christ Superstar on Broadway, I had three kids with me. When I left the theater I was confronted by an Occupy Wall Street guy, he was very obnoxious, he came within inches of my face, I told him there were children present he didn’t care, actually chased the car down the street. Now that wasn’t an accident…

This Occupy Wall Street movement is now very coordinated and they are terrorists, they are trying to create trouble. That’s what terrorists do.

Where does one begin? O’Reilly also claims that this person was “dispatched” which he also claims is somehow related to the SEIU, that may (or likely may not) be true – but “terrorists”? Really? Terrorists? Really Bill? Because you, someone who has endlessly worked to be a public figure, were allegedly harassed outside a play in the media capital of the world… terrorism?

O’Reilly also references another event where O’Reilly initiated violence by smacking a Wisconsin activist with an umbrella – an activist who was at that location for a Newt Gingrich fundraiser not tracking O’Reilly.

Terrorism? What is worst about this is O’Reilly draped himself in the 9/11 victims even attacking the Red Cross for not disbursing money fast enough – now he is invoking terrorism because he is hitting people with umbrellas and may or may not have been harassed by one guy outside a broadway play?

O’Reilly must have a sick mind, and how! From the Smoking Gun:


Falafel? Given O’Reilly’s support of profiling Muslims perhaps his sultry obsession with Arabic cuisine should get him an extra grope or two at the airport (though he might like that).

Stay classy Bill O.

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Dan Wright

Dan Wright

Daniel Wright is a longtime blogger and currently writes for Shadowproof. He lives in New Jersey, by choice.