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Access to Old Posts & Brad Friedman of BradBlog Part 3

A court order due to the default resulted in twenty one DFQ2 entries being deleted.

… order to delete the blog located at [DFQ2](“the blog”) or, alternatively, delete the following specific posts on the Blog as identified by the following URLs:

Even though Kimberlin didn’t prove anything with his frivolous lawsuit, I’ve been wary of simply reposting what has been taken down. Yes, I saved everything. So starting months ago, I took material from some of those which transcend myself as an individual and wrote original schtick for the filler.

I basically have wanted to get back up what had been unfairly taken down, so folks can see why I was sued by the Speedway Bomber. I’ve already taken care of ten of those entries including this new one with the other nine incorporated into posts made after the November hearing. That leaves me with eleven to go.

However, that number can be further reduced. I have good news. The court order didn’t say the entries had to be taken down everywhere on the net. It stipulated they be taken down from DFQ2. I’ve located four lost entries located on other domains, with only one of them already having been rewritten to abide to the Maryland court’s order.

Part of me feels like simply reposting everything in its entirety. As in here’s the middle finger, Maryland. But one needs to pick their battles. With these new finds of lost stuff, I now only have eight lost entries left to see what I can take from them to repost in an original manner. I’m not sure when I’ll get to those. But I’d like to.

I’m proud of what I did. New bloggers are jumping into this story. One of them wrote something titled, to paraphrase, Who warned Us of What’shisface? They don’t mention me except in relation to Aaron. That’s not too cool.

I may be a humble nobody blogger, but let’s get the story straight. For the two entries still at Pffugee Camp, I am also including the wayback machine links in case that domain is ever scrubbed. The fourth one might look familiar to some of you. It is one I have already rewritten. The link to the original is being provided for prepostericity.

Feel free to right click for new windows.

BradBlog is Part and Parcel of an Insidious Business Model

***UPDATED*** Proof BradBlog Is Censoring Mention Of Brett Kimberlin ***UPDATED***

Disinformation Exposed!

Wayback Machine link

Update on the Michael Connell Threatened by Karl Rove Hoax

Wayback Machine link

Here’s a rewriting of my socratisation of one of The Last Name Left’s adventures at BradBlog. This eventuated in Bradley BlogFace being yet again exposed for posting knowing disinformation.

Yay, I’m now down to only eight deleted entries left to fish through for story nuggets transcending myself as an individual! Yay for truth and free speech! God bless America (not Amerikkka) and the American (not Amerikkkan) people!!! p:>

In 2010, The Last Name Left did a Mr. Fanastic job confronting BradBlog’s anti-semitic moderator and her blog mates. What follows is clear cut evidence Brad Friedman didn’t want it known his one and only moderator for many years was facilitating right woos left Joooo hate.

TLNL posted as Mr. Fantastic asking why criticism of anti-semitism on BradBlog was being censored. Brad replied (#34):

… I am aware of no “censoring” of you, nor any “censoring” of any “criticism of…anti-semitism and…facism”. You are, in short, making shit up. Knock it off.

If any of your posts were ever disallowed, and I have no memory of such a thing, it was doubtless because you abused one or more of the very few rules we have for commenting at The BRAD BLOG.

One of those rules, I should note, is against posting knowing disinformation. I’d consider the above exactly that. So unless you’d like to be disallowed from commenting here at all, please knock it off. Thanks…. Shabbat shalom, amigo.

On post #39, Brad accused TLNL of being some right wing freak named Silicon Doc. He put him on moderation. On post #41, TLNL explained that he wasn’t Silicon Doc and was actually a self-defined Marxist. In comment #44, Brad apologised for his Silicon Doc allegation and replaced it with other unproven accusations against TLNL.

Mr. Fantastic – Thank you for the reminder. I stand corrected. You are not SiliconDoc. You used a different name last summer (first “ANTI” and then others) while I was on vacation and others were looking after the blog. You proved to be a sockpuppet and/or friend of a long known, rather psychotic stalker of this blog, who had been repeatedly banned — over and over and over again — for repeated violations of the rules. You picked up where he left off, and thus, were set to moderate and your posts were removed.

I wasn’t here at the time. May, or may not have dealt with you differently, but I stand behind the judgment of our volunteer moderators. Really, it’s not all that hard to NOT piss them off. Sorry about that, but you’ll have to find somewhere else to play. I really have no time for your ravings (evidenced in the thread above). If you don’t care for that, too bad. You can find somewhere other than my own private property to call me an anti-semite if you like. One of us will end up looking like a fool in the bargain. I suspect it won’t be me.


What Brad left out is that the above post replaced this censored TLNL comment.

TLNL’s reaction to being censored: link

Brad basically covered up the truth about his moderator Agent 99, Big Dan, and other BradBloggers being anti-semitic pigs. That’s called card stacking, when not all of the available information in a debate is allowed to be seen. Instead of Brad answering to why he had allowed Agent 99 and her gang to spew their garbage via BradBlog, he deleted the question, as if it hadn’t existed. Instead it was implied that TLNL was me or my friend. Brad is very dishonest. Anyone can objectively look at the facts provided about Brad Friedman and his convoluted blogging history and see he smells like rotten fish.

If Brad had any smarts, he would have allowed TLNL’s post to remain. He could’ve said something like Agent 99 doesn’t speak for BradBlog, she’s no longer a moderator, and that’s quite unfortunate she and Big Dan are connected to Jooooo hate. Then he could have said something else to try to get TLNL to leave for good or whatever and then say peace. But noooooo [/John Belushi].

As we have seen above, Mr. Fantastic was not banned or deleted after Brad said he was using a new username. Brad said that put him on moderation. TLNL as Mr. Fantastic was only censored, once he had proven BradBlog bars criticism of anti-semitism in regards to Agent 99. Brad did what Agent 99 did! Brad proved by censoring TLNL’s post, that BradBlog has been “knowingly” allowing an anti-semite to moderate its forum.

Comments from the past:

the_last_name_left said…

That’s pretty much exactly as I saw it. You did a good job putting it together. I was half expecting you to take a quite different angle (one I’d never think of) – but you picked exactly the things I saw in it. Good – and I’m glad you bothered to explain it.

The very first time I was deleted from Bradblog was in my first posts – I posted a Guardian article on Healthcare Reform = by Michael Tomasky, warning the left not to get too stuck on a full public option.

It’s easy to see a criticism of that position – from the far left: “Why concede anything? We need full public option!”

But are Canning and Brad/Bradblog of the far left? Hardly.

I was printing Tomasky’s article because I thought it was realistic – even though it fails to achieve what I, as a socialist, naturally support – a full public option – complete socialisation of society.

SO, I was publishing a more conservative position than my own, really. And Bradblog censored it – repeatedly. somehow Tomasky wasn’t “left” enough….. for Canning, Brad Freidman and Bradblog!?


I see such attacks on even limited reform from the left – by people who aren’t even lefties – to be suspicious.

They criticise as if they come from the (far) left – yet there’s nothing to suggest they actually occupy that ground. But nevertheless, functionally they are opposition to possible reform.

They weaken support for “possible reform” – really existing reform, as it were.

This is an old issue for the left – reform vs revolution. But is it an issue for Bradblog, Brad and Canning? I don’t think so. I can’t see them as lefties, so why are they criticising Obama policy as if they were?

Their thesis was that Obama had *always meant* to fuck the people over – the implied backstory is the grand conspiracy meme. For them, it can’t be that reform (and Obama) faces genuine opposition, rather failure to achieve an ideal is evidence of purposeful betrayal. See! Conspiracy!!!

I think their election fraud coverage serves the same sorta function – it’s all a conspiracy! That’s the story that bubbles away in the background, isn’t it?

I certainly wouldn’t say this generally about concerns for integrity of elections – everyone wants proper elections, right? But I can’t help think that Bradblog’s coverage seems inclined to undermine faith in democracy.

I’m extremely suspicious of anyone who attempts to undermine faith in democracy. You better be doing for it the right reasons – and with something better ready to put in place.

They made a song and dance about the recent NY elections and their new machines: they failed to boot, and sometimes wouldn’t scan. That’s a long way from interference with the results. A huge distance between them, but of course, the one brings to mind the other. With nothing more to go on, it’s pure fearmongering to suggest election fixing. It undermines democracy to suggest it – so don’t say it without damn good cause? They had none. I think that’s very dangerous, for obvious reasons.
September 17, 2010 6:24 PM

socrates said…

Thanks for the compliment. I’m not sure what you were expecting. Maybe you thought I’d dig deep into the actual stuff that went on between yourself with Agent 99 and Big Dan. I didn’t really have time for that.

I just wanted to act as objectively as possible to figure out what truly took place at BradBlog these past days. You must now understand what my earlier confusion was. Without access to the deleted comments and in context, there was no way to overcome the card stacking.

I’m thinking Brad never expected you to copy what got deleted. He knows we’re different people. He knows my schtick has included screenshots. I think that’s another reason why he never mentions me. And another is that he doesn’t want to direct attention to anything Speedway Bomber related. Similar to how he didn’t allow your links, didn’t mention Agent99, and talked up some imaginary pool of moderators.

I haven’t a clue about health care issues. Any topic I’m not into, I don’t post on. But I do appreciate that you were into it.

I agree with your take that BradBlog is all about generating nihilism in institutions. I just don’t understand why Brad thinks that’s the best way to go with a business model. They’re definitely going to scare off a lot of people concluding he is a self-serving kook.

Nonetheless, I do concede Brad has done very well distancing himself from those who post that way on his blog. His problem now is it’s impossible for him to deny being tied to the hip of internet convolution. Even more troubling for him is this: For many years Brad has done well promoting himself as a clean cut dude with the best of intentions. He has been the perfect frontman for fabulist conspiracy theory. However, as time goes on, it’s inevitable he will lose that facade.

It’s a scam. We look good. He doesn’t. We blog as a hobby. He manipulates people for donations through hoaxing and presenting himself as Mr. Internet Activist.

Anonymous said…

I wholeheartedly concur with TLNL.

This is your best piece in quite awhile.

Good research, too.

Especially like this TLNL comment:

“Their thesis was that Obama had *always meant* to fuck the people over – the implied backstory is the grand conspiracy meme. For them, it can’t be that reform (and Obama) faces genuine opposition, rather failure to achieve an ideal is evidence of purposeful betrayal. See! Conspiracy!!!”

So much so I quoted him on my latest FSZ masterwork….

the_last_name_left said…

Check out this thread –

specifically #36

Agent99 (Brad’s moderator) says Israel should be moved to the South pole. Silence from Brad and Canning.

Likewise, someone claims Zionism=terrorism. etc.

Someone (mark, of #36) has a dig at Brad about it….silence.

Someone called Mick claims Jews started war on Nazi Germany, and links to some far-right site.

Agent99 replies thus @#68:

“I have no idea if Willis Carto is in fact an anti-Semite, or if it’s just the popular smear tactic at work, but I think it is ill-advised to cite material that can be traced back to him when trying to argue for the Palestinians’ right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness…. “

No idea if Willis Carto is an anti-semite? lol – i spent a part of last summer telling A99 exactly that – only to be scoffed at and mocked and deleted.

Eventually Canning pipes-up about the Jews causing WW2 – saying “With all due respect…..”

Why the respect?

A99 replies:

“Move Israel to the South Pole.

Dissolve Israel and restore Palestine, with citizens of whatever religion, race or national origin enjoying equal status.

Israel is dangerous for more reasons than it was wrong to instate it to begin with, all its murderation in the name of “self-defense” and its clear intent to do to Palestinians what was done to the Native Americans: With no Israel, the perfidies of the lobby are greatly diminished, and the Armageddon so many fundamentalists are spoiling for on its account is obviated.”

Wow! vicious. Voluntarily annihilate Israel so as to prevent an armageddon doing it….. eh?

A99 adds:

“The Israelis have made it abundantly clear that it will be a one state solution, their way. If their way is unacceptable, and it is, let it be the other way.”

It’s not good for the goose, but it’s fine for the gander!

the_last_name_left said…

To his credit Brad eventually replies thus:

“….MUCH of the anti-Zionism in both the U.S. and around the world is, in fact, an easy mask for Anti-Semitism. That’s just one of the reasons the discussion is so difficult to have, and one of the reasons why Jews tend to be so (understandably, but overly) touchy about it.

Knowing you a bit via your comments here, BH, I don’t suspect you have an anti-Semitic bone in your body, in truth. But it is clear from your comments on this thread, that you’ve been fooled by a number of anti-Semitic “talking points”. There are many opportunists out there who use the mask of legitimate questions about Israel’s behavior to mask their very real anti-Semitism.

If you haven’t figured that out yet, I’d urge you to pay a bit more attention. In fact, even as the discussion here has remained largely civil, there a couple of points of discussion which tread mercifully close to anti-Semitism. So again, I urge folks to tread carefully and respectfully on such a discussion, and mind where they are getting their “talking points” from.

(eg. 99’s case that Israel should be done away with and/or moved to the South Pole, is naive, over-simplified and potentially dangerous. While I don’t believe she makes the point in an anti-Semetic way, I suspect she doesn’t realize how others might use that same point to express very real anti-Semetic points of view. It also completely ignores hundreds of years of Jewish persecution, for which Israel was ultimately set up in response to….whether BH understands it as much that way yet or not.)”

So why does he censor people who say the same thing? odd. and why such an effort to downplay the anti-semitism of A99 and BH?

socrates said…

Thanks for the posts, TLNL.

I’m fishing around that thread. That was a good one to find, though I’m not really up to reading it. I’ll skim a bit of the things you are mentioning.

Correction- Agent 99 spoke of sending Israelis to the South Pole in post #17.

#36 made some very good points. The only thing that confused me was his calling Chomsky an “anarchist terrorist.”

Some debate on the Middle East would be nice, if it weren’t so polarised.

Now think about this. Agent 99 is gone as moderator. There’s Brad’s girlfriend Des, but she doesn’t seem to be around except for the Green Report. I saw Canning has done some moderating on another thread. The point is, he is very similar to Agent 99 in talking up the Israeli-Palestinian topic. Granted, it’s one that should be discussed from time to time. Articles in The Guardian, etc. But what are the odds Canning would be as fixated as Agent 99 on the Joooooos?

Hey, this whole thing is giving me a headache, but on post 64, Agent 99 referred to the Holocaust industry. That should be a no-no. She also seemed to be arguing that South Pole thingie again, but this time Israelis should return to all these various countries they first came from. That’s completely polar to what Mark wrote in post #36.

Maybe Brad’s formula is to have these nutjob anti-semites speak their mind, and then he looks reasonable in the process no matter what?

Agent 99 sounds so authoritative in many of her posts, like she is always willing to check up on things. Now how she couldn’t come straight out and say Willis Carto is an anti-semite, I don’t understand.

You are bringing up some very good points. You’re doing well crystallising the social dynamics of BradBlog. What I don’t get is how Agent 99 came up with the name of Carto so quick from Mick’s link, yet she is unsure whether Carto is bad news or being unfairly smeared. Agent 99 could be the proverbial disinfo agent. And I don’t see that guy Mark around the thread. It dissolved into an echo chamber. Brad was saying he was busy with not much time to read what was said. Brad Friedman is disingenuous, and that thread is proof of it.

the_last_name_left said…

S: What I don’t get is how Agent 99 came up with the name of Carto so quick from Mick’s link, yet she is unsure whether Carto is bad news or being unfairly smeared.

Yes! I meant to explicitly make that point about coming up with Carto, but forgot – and you got it anyway. Bravo. I can’t see how she got Willis Carto from it unless she recognised the source – IHR – Institute for (a)Historical Review – Holocaust denial.

The IHR used to be Willis Carto – he founded it, but no longer controls it, apparently due to the propensity evil people have for internecine warfare…… Carto lost control and its now run by Mark Weber, another neo_nazi goon.

But that’s how A99 recognised Carto – by familiarity with IHR connections to Willis Carto.

So, Holocaust denial isn’t the issue, just a vague notion that perhaps promoting Willis Carto is. Because maybe he’s criticised for anti-semitism.

As you point out, A99 failed to make the determination that Willis Carto IS anti-semitic. Failed to point out that IHR is a Holocaust denying rag run by and affiliated with neo-nazis and anti-semites.

Mark was getting too close for comfort with his criticism, just as Mick was – the dude posting IHR stuff.

Good for Brad that he did actually say something – but he’s talking the talk…..he needs to walk the walk and confront such people and their ideas, rather than pander to their anti-semitic conspiracies and censor criticism of it.

He tries too hard to excuse his posters of anti-semitism. That reveals something significant about his perspective, i think. He’s in denial about it – about the contents of his audience’s individual minds. I believe, at least.

At best, he’s flat wrong.

The Chomsky thing is interesting. Amongst some sections of pro-Israel thought he’s sometimes seen as extremely anti-Israel. On the other hand, he’s also seen as covertly pro-Israel by some leftie ‘anti-Zionists’. (That guy who linked to you about the ICNC had a few essays criticising Chomsky from such a perspective. Personally I don’t know what to make of it – I don’t know enough about the whole deal and the arguments to decide. I am very resistant to criticism of Chomsky – at the same time, I don’t expect him alone to be error-free. I find it very hard to conceive of Chomsky as some great friend of Israel (as is)…..he’s a major critic. Some see his criticism falling short and effectively ‘working for Israeli interests’. I wouldn’t begrudge him that anyway – why expect him alone to be free of nationalist sentiment etc? And Chomsky’s surely allowed to support what he thinks Israel could be rather than what is; and maybe those two things get confused amongst the criticism of him, or even within his own criticism and other peoples’ criticism of that. blah blah blah. TBH I just don’t know. I don’t really wish to either….but…. it seems I must.)

socrates said…

I hit Mick’s link to see how Agent 99 came up with Willis Carto. I admit to only having skimmed through the BradBlog link, though it’s obviously a perfect one for you to have linked to for the purposes of this thread.

Yes, we all make mistakes at time. I too am not all enthused about researching Chomsky’s positions on Israel. Though like yourself, there’s always that feeling we must, since it’s been brought up.

Now back to Mick’s link. I just took a quick look. I didn’t see any mention of Willis Carto. I did see The Barnes Review mentioned. I think that’s how Agent 99 came up with Carto’s name.

But to take that back even further, it was through yourself that she learned of Willis Carto. This is my theory. A lot of what was driving the BradBlog thread you linked to was an attempt to answer our criticism of anti-semitism on their blog while insidiously somehow still supporting it.

I agree with you that Brad was too milquetoast in his criticism of anti-semitism on BradBlog. And you also make a very good point, that he does not apply his ban on so-called knowing disinformation in a fair manner.

He allows Mick to post blatant anti-semitism. He did not allow you to post your links proving BradBlog has censored criticism of anti-semitism. I also don’t think we are the only ones or a good percentage of whom he has applied his “knowing disinformation” ban to. I find it strange that Mark didn’t return to the thread. I wish I could stomach more of that one or even BradBlog itself, but I can’t anymore. BradBlog is very slow to load, and it tends to freez my computer. I can also only take so much of Brad’s whining about always being too busy and unable to keep up with certain threads. That’s too convenient.

Well, Canning was there. And although he isn’t as blatant an anti-semite as Agent 99, it’s a strange coincidence that the moderator replacing Agent 99 has the same obsession with demonising Israel. What Agent 99 wrote was awful. On her vanity blog, one can see she swoons for the Holocaust denying President of Iran.

There’s something very fishy about BradBlog, and we were the right people at the right time to get to the bottom of it. That’s how I see it. We have been the best bloggers in explaining BradBlog of late. Brad knows he can’t censor the whole internet. I suspect he realised we have been making a real dent in his money making game. That’s why we have been portrayed as the same “mentally deranged, psychotic stalker.”

Brad’s mistake was in not getting rid of Agent 99 sooner. I believe we are the reason he has now. I believe you are the reason, perhaps myself too to a much lesser degree, why Alex Jones got rid of Michael Rivero. We have shown what a few nobody bloggers can accomplish through research, reflection, perserverance, and honest writing.

I do think both presidential elections of 2000 and 2004 were rigged for GW Bush. But there’s more than goes into that than the possiblity that electronic machines were tampered with. The Clint Curtis story was a hoax. Same with the Michael Connell threatened by Karl Rove hoax.

I don’t think GW Bush won Ohio, because that state was hurt bad by unemployment. By the 2004 election, it was clear that the Iraq War was illegal. Brad and Company have milked a fortune off of election fraud. They’ve proven nothing. They’ve come up with nothing original other than an image. Larisa Alexandrovna tried to cover it up, but I’ve made sure the world knows she told bald-faced lies about an exoneration for the Speedwat bombings.

the_last_name_left said…

At Bradblog I initially posted what seems to me a perfectly reasonable argument: that failure to obtain the exact form of healthcare reform they wanted needn’t be evidence of a betrayal – rather it can be seen as a symptom of political reality.

[Also, successful opposition (and paying heed to the opposition) was something that had supposedly been missing so badly under Bushco. Some people were calling for Presidential decrees to pass Obamacare etc. Nevermind Bush was castigated for their use? Nevermind some are threatening civil war and stockpiling guns etc? Screaming communism – at what some call a complete sell-out to insurance companies. Obama is being called a sell-out to both communism and capitalism. Everyone is losing their head?]

Anyway, Bradblog censored such a reasonable argument. they censored it repeatedly. Of course I had to change names and IP address to post there – else everything I said was binned.

I even just posted the Guardian article or some quotes – and they’d delete it. Amusing, seeing as Brad brags about being published in Guardian CiF – which is not really being “published in the Guardian” anyway.

SO, he brags about them publishing him even as he’s deleting their articles from his own website. haha. Did I even agree with Tomasky? lol

I suspect it was the fact I was attacking their conspiracy slant that led them to ban me. Though I don’t know, obviously. IIRC Canning had suggested it was a betrayal planned long in advance, cynical, manipulative, sinister. Against the backdrop of Bradblog’s continual suggestions of election rigging, the implications of Canning’s suggestions are incendiary. If they were true. Foolish and dangerous to go spouting such explosive stuff, but especially when it’s based on 2 highly contentious “facts” like Obama’s supposedly intentional betrayal and supposed election rigging.

There’s all the difference in the world between there being ‘problems with elections’ and presidential elections being rigged. It’s a huge difference. It’s a very important distinction, but one Bradblog seems to want to avoid – seemingly they much prefer to insinuate in the wildest fashion – Obama’s preplanned betrayal etc.

And just think? Obama seems to have raised health reform himself – I don’t remember any great Bush Crusade for healthcare reform and certainly not for any ‘public option’. The idea is ridiculous. And yet, such are Canning’s premise. Whilst the Guardian’s Tomasky is censored.


the_last_name_left said…

What i find darkly sinister about it is that Canning can suggest Obama always intended such a betrayal over healthcare and it fits straight into their wider narrative of conspiracy over elections. All without having to be made explicit. What do they expect people to think from what they say? Exactly what they believe themselves, perhaps.

Election Integrity stuff is all very worthy, but that makes it a good candidate for Trojan Horses. One had better have bloody good reason to go casting doubt on the integrity of elections.

The converse of what BB says is that even if elections are technically perfect, they are worthless if the electorate doesn’t trust them.

I find it easy to see there can be many people wishing to attack the integrity of elections for purely malicious means. fascism, for one. but there are plenty of other motivations.

Of course fraud is possible, but if all faith is lost in all public officials and institutions and the law etc – then all is lost. whether the elections work fine or not is immaterial.

so, there’s a suitably high requirement for evidence – one can’t shout fire! in a theatre, right>? Does Bradblog live up to that requirement? No way. I mean, I wonder if Brad and Canning get frustrated that they attract so much anti-semitism……so many Troofers… many Klutzes drinking down the idea “it’s all one big conspiracy”?

So, yes, I find Bradblog to be sinister. They are promoting ideas of corruption at the heart of the political process, and right throughout; that this corruption ‘runs everything’ and explains everything. All based on what?

They have their conspiracy and every day they believe they’re getting closer to proving it…….but only with your donations of course, you true, progressive patriots! You wouldn’t want elections to be rigged now, would you? Spit at the vermin and donate to Bradblog! Kerrrching!!!

socrates said…

Some guy coined the phrase politics is the art of the possible.

With those guys it’s all black and white. There’s no room for nuance, subtlety, and fleshing out debate.

That same kind of fake lefty crowd was somehow in support for the Iranian theocracy when demonstrations emerged or previously when the Iranian President came under fire for his Holocaust denial.

It doesn’t make sense to me, and that’s why because of things like that, I always wonder wtf. Like how ANSWER ruined that protest against the Iraq War by turning it into a shoutfest over Israel-Palestine.

I think what BradBlog does is once you disrupt their black and white ideology, you are off their board. Unless you can make it seem you are a completely different person, they don’t want you there.

It was precisely because you were attacking the conspiracy angle they banned you. My troubles with BradBlog originally began when I confronted certain conspiracy angles. It was actually Mike Rivero I first went after. Then my cyberstalker showed up. I was a BradBlog regular back then. I had the guy’s ip from visiting my other blog. I asked Brad if it was the same guy. He confirmed it.

Agent 99 didn’t enforce the rule against that guy for making personal attacks on me. Another time I think I critiqued Alex Jones for being a conspiracy theory monger, and Agent 99 warned me about doing so.

It’s strange. There was this other regular named Phil, and he said he could control the weather with his own mind. He meant it. I called him on it.

Here’s the really strange part. I know what you’re thinking. How can this get any stranger?

That cyberstalker also once said he could do that. Something about how he made a small cloud disappear. I’ve a screenshot of that. Now hear this out. This guy was involved in something called Deep Sky. It was the “chemtrail” version of the Michael Connell hoax for election fraud. Just another strawman. Anyway, this guy who I proved was one and the same was attacking me on BradBlog for believing in chemtrail bs. That makes no sense. He has been portraying himself as some real person out of Maine. He’s like an Eric May. Or there’s that guy Tim White. Just basically very strange people on the internet.

It’s mind boggling to try to figure out what exactly these people are up to. I admit there’s the chance these are just batshit crazy bloggers. But I’m not so sure of that.

I don’t mind a bit of conspiracy theory. Obviously I am in support of some of it. Like I believe the GW Bush wins were stolen. But, that doesn’t mean I’m going to let it slide when people like Brad Friedman and his associates such as Larisa Alexandrovna are up to their necks in hoaxes.

I think you were banned precisely for attacking the conspiracy angle. Donkeytale says I fight conspiracy theory with conspiracy theory. Perhaps. At least with Brad and his ilk there seems to be a logical motive as in making money. Perhaps Alex Jones does believe in a lot of what he spews. But I think his primary motive is also to make money.

A guy like Hal Turner. It makes sense he was an FBI informant trying to flush out the crazies. What and all with the so-called war on terrorism. I don’t believe the FBI has challenged Hal worked for them.
September 20, 2010 10:20 PM

socrates said…

I think internet fakes are going to have a lot in common regardless of whether they are trying to hoax people for donations, sell products, be political operatives, or even be proverbial agent provocateurs. I’ll never claim such and such is cointelpro. I have said there is the possibility. That’s my opinion based on reading and reflecting.

Something’s fishy about Canning. It’s not too often a corporate attorney ends up as the main blogger on what is perceived as a left wing blog.

The conspiracy theory slant is vehemently protected at BradBlog. At least that’s how it was when Agent 99 was there, and she was the only moderator there for many years.

I sense they are into banning anyone who poses a threat to the overall atmosphere of BradBlog. And other than people like ourselves who find ways to get the word out, where are these other people going to be able to go to explain BradBlog censorship?

I think the biggest problems with election integrity have been overshadowed by Brad Friedman and Bev Harris before him.

The electronic machines truly have to be tossed. There’s no way to recount the votes. But Brad and Bev didn’t discover this story. They are simply making money off of it.

If you remember any of the 2000 recount, the most memorable images were of election officials having trouble making out the chads, those small dots that should be punched out. The electronic machines took care of that problem but left no way to have recounts.

You are speaking truth, brother. These people are screaming about Rove murdering Connell, because he was supposedly going to snitch on the stolen election. The media doesn’t report on the hoax, because they only believe there is a story if election fraud can be proven, not this unhinged kook festival.

There’s a current thread at BradBlog, something on the Comedy Central guys. Now all these troofers as you call them are dominating the website. Brad and Canning allow it, because these are the kind of people who will support the election integrity hoaxes.

BradBlog is just preying on crucial issues of the day, coming up with hoaxes and lies, and then garnering donations, the amount of which we can only imagine. Look at domestic terrorism. That’s a real concern. You astutely pointed out some time back about how VR’s Stop Terror campaign is claiming their effort has gotten the Dept. of Justice to make hate crime a priority.

I thank you for these posts. You’re making perfect sense. This is why you were banned. It happened to you at Rigorous Intuition the same way. Sure, I’ve talked about the cybersmear script where so many are saying we are the same person. But I think if you weren’t so effective at pointing things out, say as you put it, each day they make it seem we are closer to proving the conspiracy, you wouldn’t be banned.

I know I can ramble at times. I’m glad someone like yourself can objectively take a look at the same things and explain it in your own words. I agree with you BradBlog is the Alex Jones of the left. People who reflect and like to see things proven need not apply. It’s astounding how often Brad keeps asking for donations. Would fast food joints allow health experts to be in their ads and explain what’s in their products? Bradblog is an ongoing infomercial.

This latest episode was warped into how you made it back onto the blog. Once it was too late to completely delete you, they rigged it to make it seem you are calling all critics of Israeli policies anti-semites.

In the past I have returned as a zombie to Democratic Underground. One thread I had on Brad’s close associate contained approximately 100 posts and 5000 page views. It was in the electoral integrity forum, a section where threads are lucky to reached 200 views. They wiped the whole thing out. I was actually called out as cointelpro in a different thread devoted o my efforts. There is a post still up asking Larisa if she would recant her lies claiming BK is an exonerated, ex-political prisoner. The crickets are still chirping.

I haven’t seen any Agent 99 sightings at BradBlog in a very long time. In this latest episode, we see BradBlog talked up some pool of imaginary moderators while not mentioning his only moderator until Canning, this Agent 99. I do see she is still posting away at her own blog. [/scratching one’s scalp or chin]

the_last_name_left said…

i think there’s plenty of valid reasons for using machinery to help laborious, repetitive, easily mechanised tasks such as counting ballots – or validating or verifying them.

But this is Caesar’s wife stuff.

On the other hand, any ballot is susceptible to suggestions of rigging – and whether the accusations are true or not they undermine the process.

It’s poisonous stuff this doubt – that’s why the bar for evidence of corruption has to be set so very high, and also why the demands upon the voting-process are so high – it has to have legitimacy.

For people seeking to destroy american liberal-democracy (such as it is) attacking the legitimacy of elections would be a good starting place. I’m not saying Brad Freidman is necessarily doing that but…..he’s certainly providing an arena for its expression and he’s (apparently) providing factual ammunition too. And it’s all protected from criticism because it’s oh such a worthy cause…..

There’s a big difference between proving the existence of a vulnerability and proving it is

1) purposeful
2) has been exploited to alter election results, successfully or otherwise.

That’s what is needed to begin to provide real evidence of “conspiracy”.

Acquisitions and mergers are not evidence of a conspiracy, Mr Friedman – that’s just normal behaviour of predatory, monopoly-seeking capitalism. Duh!

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