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IAEA and Iran Ready a Nuclear Inspection Agreement

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(Just a cut-and-paste heads-up):

From Reuters:

“The U.N. nuclear watchdog chief said on Tuesday he expected to sign a deal with Iran soon to ease investigation into suspected work on atom bombs, potentially brightening prospects for big-power talks with Tehran to stop a drift towards conflict.

Speaking on the eve of the Baghdad meeting where six powers will test Iranian willingness to put transparent limits on its nuclear programme, Yukiya Amano said his wish for access to an Iranian military site where nuclear weapons-relevant tests may have occurred would be addressed as part of the accord. [snip]

“Amano himself acknowledged that “some differences” remained before the deal he hashed out during a rare visit to Tehran on Monday could be sealed, although chief Iranian negotiator Saeed Jalili had told him these would not prevent agreement.

“(A) decision was made to conclude and sign the agreement … I can say it will be signed quite soon,” Amano told reporters at Vienna airport after returning from Tehran.”

Reuters reports that Western Powers will not, of course, relax sanctions over ‘some pretty words’.

Bloomberg reports:

Iran consented to an IAEA visit to the Parchin military complex 18 miles (30 kilometers) southwest of Tehran, where the IAEA said in November it had “credible” evidence showing the country had worked on the trigger for a nuclear weapon, Amano said. While the final details must be hashed out between the IAEA and Iran’s top nuclear negotiator, Saeed Jalili, they won’t thwart the deal, he said. [snip]

“Several Obama administration officials and Western diplomats said the P5+1 group won’t give Iran relief from oil and financial sanctions that are hobbling its economy. The group has agreed on confidence-building measures it may offer during talks in the Iraqi capital tomorrow in response to Iranian concessions, they said.” (all bolds mine; what might they be?)

Iranian Press TV quotes Bibi:

“Speaking at a civil service commission event in al-Quds (Jerusalem) on Monday evening, Netanyahu said, “The world’s leading countries must show determination, not weakness” and take a tougher stance on Iran.

“They do not need to make concessions to Iran. They need to set clear and unequivocal demands before it: Iran must halt all enrichment of nuclear material. It must remove from its territory all nuclear material that has been enriched up until now and it must dismantle the underground nuclear facility in Qom,” he said.

“Only thus will it be possible to ensure that Iran will not have a nuclear bomb. This is Israel’s position; it has not changed and it will not change,” the Israeli prime minister commented.” Adding:

“This is while the Israeli regime is widely known to possess between 200 and 400 nuclear warheads. Furthermore, Tel Aviv refuses to allow its nuclear facilities to come under international regulatory inspections.“

I haven’t thought it through, but on the face of it, I admit I’m a bit surprised.  Wikileaks diplomacy files showed how US choice as IAEA head Yukiya Amano was bought-and-paid-for ahead of time; the emails gave evidence that he would tailor his statements and findings to bolster US policy on Iran; this seems to either show Amano making a pre-determined chess move, or…good grief…being for real after his meeting with Jalili.

What will we hear from Secretary Clinton’s Victoria Nuland today, or from the White House?  Will they force Amano to rescind walk back his confident predictions?  Can someone put a muzzle on Bibi?  Inquiring minds…

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