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TarheelDem is safe and sound

A huge crowd at the NATO protests.

Photo by Bartosz Brzezinski

Received an email from TarheelDem a couple of hours ago.  He is safe, and now has access to a computer.  Didn’t say whether it was his computer or not, however.   He sends his thanks to the Firepups and says that you guys are up there with the National Lawyers Guild and Street Medics in terms of support!!

He says,  “I marched part of the NATO march yesterday because of the heat, but felt myself tearing up a bit when we were marching down State Street in front of the Harold Washington Library, and I could not see the front of the march”.

He hopes to be writing more about this when he can, and I’m sure he will be in touch just as soon as possible.

Oh Tarheel, we are so proud of you.  Thank you for being there.

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