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M20 NATO Summit Live Blog #NoNATO


Good Morning and welcome to our live coverage of the NATO Summit in Chicago, today looks to be action packed with a full agenda for attendees and activists. So far we have seen the full force of the police state with preemptive arrest, terrorism charges and vicious police brutality. Today is sure to bring more of the same with the largest march of the weekend kicking off the days events. CANG8 will start the day off breaking out into contingents holding rallies in Grant Park and converging on the sight of the summit the McCormick Convention Center. Among the days speakers and performers are Tom Morrello, Reverend Jesse Jackson , Madea Benjamin and Mumia Abu Jamal. We look forward to giving up to the minute coverage of the days events


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9:34am – Occupy Chicago gathering at Jackson and LaSalle in preparation for march to Grant Park to join the massive #CANG8 March

10:00am – @OccupyChicago Reports that the 6 occupiers arrested yesterday, including SM member @PhilipDeVon1, have been released & are back on the streets! #noNATO #M20

11:00am – Check it Out Live Stream from Chicago protesters en route to Grant Park

11:20am – is now streaming protesters going over horror stories of yesterdays events preparing for CANG8 March starting soon.

11:41 am – is now broadcasting a press briefing with Reverend Jesse Jackson and others who will be speaking at todays #CANG8  March and Rally

12:32pm – is down as well as the website for the chicago police department and Anonymous has taken credit releasing a press statement here is an excerpt.

“We are actively engaged in actions against the Chicago Police Deptartment, and encourage anyone to take up the cause and use the AntiS3curityOPS Anonymous banner. For those able, should be fired upon as much as possible. We are in your harbor Chicago, and you will not forget us”

12:40pm – Thousands have gathered in Chicago’s Grant Park for the CANG8 Rally in preparation for later march. The temperature is 90 degrees and solidarity is in the air as protesters from around the world have joined together in the fight for peace. Global Revolution is Broadcasting CPD Police scanners as audio on there livestream.

1:20pm – @tMorello justMicChecked-instead of playing from the stage they will play among the PEOPLE!!#noNATO

1:37am – Speeches have begun in Grant Park. Meanwhile Obama met with Afghan President Hamid Karzai who thanked Americans for the help that “tax-payer money” given to his country and said his country “is no longer a burden” after NATO agreed on a vision for post conflict Afghanistan.

2:19am – Rally at Grant Park is still on going there have been reports of an escalating police presence around the park. Protesters are monitoring police communications to stay ahead of the CPD. Both Tim Pool and Luke Rudkowski have reported being followed and harassed by CPD. Occupiers are also reporting searches on trains looking for protesters. Speakers at the rally are expressing their grievances with NATO with a tone of urgency and indignation.

3:04pm – The March out of Grant park is beginning to come together at the south side of the park. Veteran anti war groups are gathering to return their medals in protest of NATO.


3:26pm – The CANG8 March is lined up and ready to start occupiers are taking to the streets of Chicago reports of growing police presence on anticipated march route. CPD has been shutting down traffic in the area and there are reports of them following “black bloc” protesters.


4:17pm – The March is now covering 7 blocks in the streets and on the side walks CPD has estimated over 2,000 people in the streets Occupiers have estimated that  number to be closer to 5,000. Police presence is ubiquitous and excessive for a permitted march. CPD has been seen putting on riot gear in staging areas and 7 protesters have been arrested so far no details about the  arrests are available


4:30 – Reports from inside NATO indicate that the press has been a virtual no show while President Obama is rolling out his strategy for the withdrawal  of the 130,000 troops currently occupying Afghanistan. Chicago Sun Times is now reporting 10,000 people in the streets. The March is being contained at points by double lines of police wielding batons on either side though the march has remained peaceful for the most part.

4:55pm – Veterans who lead the march are speaking out before returning their medals march has stopped at Cermak and Michigan. Powerful words pouring out of those who have been on the front lines are moving an emotional crowd. Veterans are telling stories of suicide, homelessness and poverty at home and death and destruction abroad. While describing what the medals they have received truly represent.

5:45pm – The Veteran Ceremony wrapped up with a moment of silence while TAPS was played.  All the speakers where moving but here are some of the most powerful quotes from the ceremony

“These Medals are a symbol of control I will not hold on to these lies of heroism”

“I want to live by my conscience not be a prisoner of it”

“I am giving back my medals back in honor of the Iraqi and Afghani children who will no longer have fathers and mothers because of us”

“The only medal I’m keeping is the 1 they gave me for humanitarian service in New Orleans.”

“I’m returning my medals because under the guise of democracy I stole Iraq’s humanity and lost mine.”

6:10pm – Police have declared the march an “unlawful assembly” now that the permit has expired and they are moving in and antagonizing protesters, multiple beatings and arrests have been reported. LRADS sighted on Queens street snipers sighted around convention center. Police are demanding protesters move west or be arrested

6:45pm – Several LRADs have been deployed many officers have badge numbers covered and have been continuing to exert excessive force on a peaceful protest. Protesters and police are in a tug of war with over arrests. Protesters have been able to unarrest several people but an estimated 22 people have been detained so far.

7:29pm – Police brutality is rampant protesters have been engaging in tug of war battles with police to unarrest people. People are lining up in front of police to keep them from advancing.  CPD has blocked of medic area to prevent bloodied and beaten protesters from getting attention.

7:45 – Reports of CPD undercover tagging Occupiers with yellow markings to be identified by “snatch squads” police are corralling and arresting people. The area around the McCormick Convention Center is a cellular and data dead zone. There are almost as many police as protesters.

8:30pm – Protestors have split marches and have now made it to McCormick Convention Center where Chicago Police are protecting and serving the entrance with a dump truck and riot gear. Other groups are coordinating en route to the convention center.

8:50pm- @OccupyChicago Cops were seen changing from their uniforms &into civilian clothing carrying bricks pretending 2b protesters

9:00pm – CNN has confirmed that the National Guard is on stand by in Chicago. More and more reports of CPD in plain clothes in the march.

9:23pm – Over a thousand Occupiers still marching strong have regrouped and are now marching down State St. According to CPD superintendent Garry McCarthy the arrest total is now at 45

9:45pm – Thousands are now converging on the Art Institute where some NATO delegates are having dinner right now.

10:03 – NLG has confirmed that reports of Occupier killed at protest are not true they were put out by trolls to get people upset. Some protesters are still at the art institute while another march is moving down Madison. Police are using pepper spray on protesters in the streets.

10:47 – Occupy Chicago sitting down and holding the intersection at Michigan and Adams in front of the Art Institute where NATO delegates are eating. Reports are LRADs and Police in riot gear are en route.

11:53pm – Occupy Chicago is still going strong with over 400 people still at it.Occupiers continue to hold the streets protesters are showing strength endurance and determination in continuing to take the streets in the face of rampant brutality and heavy police presence.

This will wrap today’s coverage of NATO actions we will be back tomorrow to keep you updated on all the action in Chicago. Peace Love and Solidarity to all who were arrested and injured as a part of today’s actions.

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