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Hawai’i Senate Candidate’s Rightwing Credentials

Check out the conservative credentials of this candidate for U.S. Senate:

– While in Congress, this candidate commended President Bush for proposing Social Security privatization, applauded President Bush’s management of Guantanamo, strenuously fought Democratic efforts to bring troops home from Iraq, voted for a budget resolution that called for the defunding of Planned Parenthood and public broadcasting, and voted for the immigration bill that led to nationwide protests by immigrant rights’ groups.

– Last time this candidate ran for U.S. Senate, this candidate said the incumbent was “too liberal”.

Conservatives endorsed this candidate.

– After losing that race, this candidate volunteered for conservative organizations, joined anti-tax activist Grover Norquist at a party honoring a conservative website, joined a former Republican governor at a honoring right-wing economist Milton Friedman, failed at a couple of attempts to get back into Congress, and was listed as the featured speaker at a training session for Republican candidates.

– This candidate is again running for Senate, and again criticizing the opponent for being a progressive, while railing against the “special interests” backing the opponent (women’s rights groups, environmental groups, and unions).

It’s all standard biographical material for a conservative, Republican Senate candidate.

And you think we’re talking about Linda Lingle….Nope!

This candidate is running for the Democratic Party’s nomination in President Obama’s native state of Hawai`i – a true blue progressive state. His name is Ed Case. He’ll be at the state Democratic Party convention next weekend trying to convince delegates to take a sharp right turn, embrace GOP goals and elect a Blue Dog instead of popular progressive, Mazie Hirono.

None of this is new to anyone who’s followed Mr. Case’s long career advocating the Blue Dog principles of militarization and cutting of the social safety net. (he’s been running for public office since the mid-’80s)

But finding out he’s got even more of an identity crisis than being a Blue Dog and has been advising Republican candidates is a new twist.

Here’s an email from Republican, Paul Smith,  recruiting GOP candidates to a training session featuring registered Democrat, Ed Case teaching Republicans how to campaign more effectively (emphasis added):

**This email is to alert you to the next "2008 Republican Candidates"
informational meeting.

**Our meeting will be:****
**SATURDAY JULY 14, 2007****
**12 noon to 1:30 p.m. for special speaker & lunch (complimentary)****
**1:30 p.m. to  3:30 p.m. computer practice class****
** offices****
**627 South Street #105****
**(near Queen & South - parking on nearby streets)****

**RSVP, please, to this email address or 524-2436****

**The focus of the July 14 meeting will be:****

    * **CAMPAIGN / ELECTION OVERVIEW (Speaker: Rep. Ed Case);*** *   
      and*** *
      YOUR DISTRICT.****

**The special lunch speaker is former Congressman and State
Representative Ed Case.  His talk will start at noon and he will
provide an overview on elective public office and campaigns and
elections, including general challenges and issues faced by all
candidates. There will be time for questions.****

**After the speaker we will break for 10 minutes and at 1:30 we
will start our computer workshop.  ****

**MacMouse has a classroom environment with a large screen to project
the web pages for all to see.  _There is no need to bring your
computer_ BUT if you have a wireless laptop computer you may bring it
and connect.  ****

**Everyone, with or without a computer, will benefit from this
session simply by taking notes for follow up on your home computer.
The training will focus on the use of Voter Vault and looking at a
couple web sites that allow candidates to assemble information on the
status of schools in your district, for example.  ****

**Paul Smith will conduct the class and use Senate District 13 and
House District 26 as examples that will bring real life information
for your consideration.  ****

**We will do walk lists and create excel files for special district
voter identification records.****

**Lastly, we will prepare an issues piece on district schools that you
can use during neighborhood walks/mailers.  It is important to learn
where you can quickly get accurate and district specific information
that can help you, the candidate, inform the voters in your district.****

**Remember; our goal during 2007 is to keep past and future candidates
active, learning, and in front of voters by providing informative
opportunities to enhance your chances of being elected in 2008.****

**This training session will give all attendee's an opportunity to
learn about the present and the future opportunities to effectively
use the computer and the internet to improve your campaign

**Please plan to attend.  ****

**Pass this invite on to any other Republicans whom you
know are thinking of running in 2008.  Urge them to RSVP
and attend. **** ****

**Those flying in from neighbor islands; please email me your arrival
schedules and we will arrange airport pickup and/or drop off.****

**PLEASE:  RSVP, we need to plan the light lunch, drinks, and layout
of the classroom.****

*Paul E. Smith*
Paul E. Smith
*Candidate for State Senate*
District 13 (Nuuanu, Pacific Heights, Pauoa, Alewa Heights, Liliha,
Sand Island)
web page: * <></http:>*
*Friends of Paul Smith*
350 Ward Ave. Suite 106-15
Honolulu, Hi 96814-4004

phone: 808-524-2436
cell: 808-220-0992
fax: 808-523-9332

To remove your name from this mailing list please reply asking to
remove your name.


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