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Dept of say-it-aint-so: Paul Krugman, Obamabot

I told you Krugman was nothing but an out of touch one percenter who doesn’t give two shits either way about the righteous need of progressive bloggers to politically self-destruct. if you won’t accept it straight from the donkey’s mouth, take it from Professor FiscalJesus, his own self. A mild-mannered intellectual who is definitely smartier than thou (and perhaps smarter even than moi. Maybe), Dr. Krugman delivered a mild-mannered facial on this very blog (the big league elitist version, that is) to all of the anti-Obama bots in residence here on the little league proletarian version.

Paul Krugman May 19th, 2012 at 3:32 pm
In response to DWBartoo @ 88

Organize! Write letters (Congressmen care more than you think, and most journalists have surprisingly thin skins (but mine is made of rhinoceros hide)). Mount primary challenges to DINOs. But don’t do a Nader.

Actually, I have some hopes that if reelected, Obama will be tougher — having put all its chips on the man from Bain, Wall Street will have lost a lot of its clout.

And if that weren’t bad enough, PK even offers up some mealy-mouthed apologia for the half-black asshat-in-chief:

Paul Krugman May 19th, 2012 at 3:38 pm
In response to juliania @ 98

OK, a mild sorta-kinda defense of Obama. Early in his administration, we was surrounded by smart-sounding people — and their Wall Street friends, who also sounded smart and had great tailors too — who told him that this was a brief panic in the financial sector, and that once the panic was past the economy would snap back. It’s a shame that he chose those people to listen to, but Obama was very much a conventional, centrist guy. (Some people may recall that I tried to tell progressives that during the primary, but they didn’t want to listen).

But that’s all water under the bridge now. I do talk to WH people, and even allowing for the fact that they’re no doubt saying what they think I want to hear, they do know better now. They’re operating under severe political constraints, but maybe after November they’ll be willing to be more daring on that front.

So it’s not fair to think of the president as being just part of the austerity madness. He and those around him have learned from experience, which is more than you can say about the vast majority of politicians.

Somehow over the years, I have gotten my hands on a portion of the supply-side of doomsday medicine that orthodox Keynesians began stockpiling in the 1930s in anticipation of Lord’s most excellent proposed pogrom of the superrich, AKA euthanasia of the rentier.”

Alas, the pogrom was never made operational back in the day, when the aggregate demand for revolution dwindled along with the youthfulness of that vile generation of vipers ignominiously known by all as the baby boom. The Rentiers, it seems, not only managed to slip JKM’s noose, they’ve now turned table and fitted one snugly around the pencil necks of us Rentees.

But like I always say: never let good drugs go to waste.

Step right up to the altar on this lovely Sunday morning, my fine-feathered anti-Obama bots and take communion with the late, grate Father Donkey “Jim Jones” Tale.

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