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Argh#$%! Pet Food Recall again!!

Baz and kitty

Im sorry to have to report Corporate America has let us down again!!

Our precious furry children under attack again,sloppy Corps /Deadly results.

Christian Science Monitor
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    Pet food recall that won’t end? Diamond cat food now risky.

    Pet food recall from Diamond Pet Foods has been expanded eight times, triggered an FDA investigation and critique, and now includes cat food. The company’s handling of the salmonella crisis may be even worse.

  • By                              , Correspondent / May 20, 2012


    On Friday morning, the Calgary Herald in Alberta, Canada, reported that two cats in a Montreal animal shelter have died, and another is ill, after eating Diamond Pet Foods products. Also in Quebec, another person has been reported with a case of salmonella, bringing the total number of cases to 16 in the United States and Canada caused apparently by handling the pet food.

    Also on Friday, the company issued yet another recall involving certain sizes of its Diamond Naturals lamb and rice dog food manufactured on Aug. 26, 2011, which is later than the date range for all its other recalled products so far.

    One of the unusual aspects of this recall is Diamond’s release of information. On April 12, six days after Diamond’s first recall, the FDA began an investigation. Its week-long inspection of Diamond’s Gaston facility found numerous violations.

    “All reasonable precautions are not taken to ensure that production procedures to not contribute contamination from any source,” its report said, noting that the factory’s screening process for possible contaminants wasn’t thorough enough.

    Other violations: Factory workers were seen handling sensitive equipment with bare hands; there weren’t enough hand-washing stations throughout the plant (even in areas where raw meat was being handled); the factory used damaged equipment with holes and cuts, which would make the tools difficult to clean properly

    people it is easy to make your own pet food from table scaps mixed with brown rice


    i will post a rcipe

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