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Come Saturday Morning: Minnesota Voter Suppressors Proudly Wear James O’Keefe’s Fuzzy Handcuffs

You all remember James O’Keefe? He of the deceptively-edited videos he and Andrew Breitbart used to take down ACORN? He of the morality as fuzzy as the handcuffs that were among the sex toys with which he, per former associate Izzy Santa, planned to spring on CNN reporter Abbie Boudreau in his love boat, had Boudreau not been tipped off by a conscience-stricken Santa?

Well, he’s still cranking out dodgy videos that get debunked almost before they’re released, he’s still getting in trouble with the law, and he’s still being embraced by self-styled morality police and voter suppressors who don’t realize that they’re showing their true morality by slipping on his fuzzy handcuffs and keeping them on despite his track record:

Earlier this year, opponents of the photoID amendment condemned a banner used on Minnesota Majority’s website to promote a James O-Keefe-produced Youtube purporting to reveal fraud in the state’s voter registration system.

One racially charged element in the artwork? A figure wearing a sombrero, which MM’s Dan McGrath said represented an undocumented immigrant.

Hey, Minnesota Majority! Let us know how you God-fearing decent folk (like Mary Kiffmeyer of “Jesus at the Closing Table” fame) feel about being handcuffed to a lying creep of a video editor who has serious issues with women, per two women who were associates of his.

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