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Large Generational Divide Among White Voters

Among white voters there is a clear generational divide among who they plan to support in the Presidential race this year, but there is not a similar age divide among non-white voters. In general, younger whites are more likely to support President Obama than older whites, but among non-whites all age groups support Obama equally. From Gallup:

Vote Preferences by Age and Race, Among Registered Voters, April-May 2012

This is an important aspect of the Republicans push for so-called “anti-voter fraud laws” that make it harder for people to register to vote and cast a ballot. It is not only that minorities are less likely to hold a valid photo ID, but younger people tend to be much more mobile than older Americans. Efforts to make it harder to register to vote after moving, like the new Republican supported law in Florida, are likely to reduce voting among younger whites and therefore help the Republican Party.

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Jon Walker

Jon Walker

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