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TarheelDem Arrested in Chicago in Early Morning Police Raid

Chicago police raided an apartment housing anti-NATO protesters late on May 16.  Kevin Gosztola wrote a post about it here:

This morning on the Lakeside Diner, Tarheel posted this comment:

Note to friends here from TarheelDem. I was one of the persons arrested in an early morning police raid in the Bridgeport neighborhood early Thursday morning. I was release with no charges this morning (Friday). I am fine. There are still five or six in custody. (Tracking down where folks are held has been difficult for the NLG.) Calls to Rahm Emmanuels official voicemail would be helpful. The folks at Occupy Chicago and NLG worked rapidly and effectively to ensure our release. The whole charge is transparently bogus and meant for the media to reduce turnout to the march on Sunday. The permitted march will be relatively safe, providing you leave fairly soon at the end of the march (unless you want to risk arrest yourself by intentionally staying). A large turnout is crucial. Everyone who can make it to Chicago should; a larger crowd makes the entire effort safer.

City of Chicago main phone line:   312.744.5000

If you stay on the line, you can register your complaint with an actual person.  If anyone can find a direct line to the Mayor’s staff, please post it in the comments.

Update2:  Chicago Tribune article suggests that police think the protesters were using beer brewing equipment to make molotov cocktails:,0,2015209.story

Er, ok.  I’m almost surprised they didn’t “find” buckets of weaponized urine.

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