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Watercooler: This Land

Hi y’all.

What’s on my mind tonight?

Wishing I was at NATO. All the pictures today whet my appetite for action, and the National Nurses United rally with Tom Morello sounds like about the coolest place to be on earth tomorrow. Singing “This Land Is Your Land” with Tom and a crowd of happy people at Occupy Southby in March was a high point of my time as an occupier.

Today some Occupiers visited a local park near the jail to feed hungry people peanut butter and jelly, offer them phone calls on cell phones and share and record their stories if they are willing.

We’ll be in action tomorrow too. Occupy Austin is paying a visit to Chase Bank tomorrow to let them know we think a $2 Billion mistake is a big deal. We’ll be highlighting what that money could have bought, maybe singing a song or two. If you’re in the Austin area you’re welcome to join us at the Chase Bank at MLK and Guadalupe at 4pm (1904 Guadalupe). It should be a fun time.

My good friend New York Times Best-Selling Grandpa Steve Brust wrote this great response to author John Scalzi’s amazing Lowest Difficulty Setting article:

My problem can be stated thus: All of this effort put into either a) How do we make the game more fair, or b) At least making us aware of how unfair the rules are,  makes it that much harder to focus on what is, to me, most important: THE FUCKING GAME SUCKS. I don’t want to play it, I don’t want to be forced to play it, I don’t want strangers to have no choice but to play it; I don’t like smug assholes “dropping out” to live in the woods and then claiming they aren’t playing it.

The game needs to go. … John calls his game real life, and he’s right, it is.  But I passionately, deeply believe it isn’t the only choice for what real life can be.  Most people will believe my desire here is unrealistic, and dismiss it; … In terms of material wealth and capacity for wealth production, there is, at present, enough to create the game I want, or at least get pretty close.   In order to concentrate on changing the rules for stat setting, you must believe the game is always going to be there, more or less the same.

I will never accept that.

What’s on your mind? This is today’s open thread.

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Kit OConnell

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