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Kiss Progress Goodbye

With great sadness I must find the current political system in the U.S. severely wanting and utterly  incapable of making, maintaining or improving any positive legislation or institutions.  At this juncture, the political infrastructure in the U.S. is capable only of responding to the wants and whims of the rich and powerful, there isn’t much room for anything else. Occasionally one group or another will raise such a fuss that the UniParty will have to pay lip service to them in some form or fashion.  Like the President’s recent evolution on the right of gays to marry.  Notice that the President has yet to do anything to actually advance the goal of legalizing gay marriage, he has only, after three years in office, said that he thinks gays should be allowed to marry.  How brave of him, just look at all the political damage he’s opened himself up to for taking this bold stance!  Strike that last bit, it appears that most of the country already supports gay marriage or don’t give a damn one way or the other; so it looks like the President actually took a position that is politically advantageous.  Remarkable; and even this pittance was three years in coming.  And yet, there is a segment of the population which holds this up as an act of courage and leadership. Fascinating.

It’s times like these my friends.  Bad economy, sky high income inequality, corrupted political system, mockery of the rule of law by the wealthy and powerful, etc etc. It’s times like these that make me wonder just how short the national memory is and just how gullible, stupid or apathetic the U.S. population is in the aggregate.  When it comes to Republicans, their mere existence is a constant source of amazement to me.  That is how terrible the GOP is; in a decent society they simply wouldn’t exist due to a complete lack of support among the populace. When it comes to Democrats; the fact they can be allowed to halfway speak the language of the people but do the bidding of  the rich and powerful plutocrats year in and year out without consequences is just as amazing to me.

It is times like these that make me realize something else:  It’s all fucked up…..and it’s our own fucking fault (collectively speaking that is).

In terms of numbers, about 40% of Americans identify as Republicans or Conservative; since the vast majority of this group are NOT rich, this would indicate that the vast majority of this group ARE either complete morons, racists, bigots, theocrats, or some combination of all four.

Another 40%  of Americans identify as Democrats or liberal, progressive.  Good news and bad news here.  The good news is that this group represents the only hope the U.S. has of not becoming a 5th world country in the near future.  The bad news.  This group is suffering under a delusion that their political party of choice (the Democrats) actually believe what they believe.  This delusion persists despite Democrats best efforts to show their base that they don’t give a damn about working people.

[20% of Americans identify themselves as independent or swing voters; but as the numbers show, they make up 20% they aren’t nearly as important as the two big voting blocks no matter what their political intentions].

Back to why Democrats are delusional.

Example:   In 2009 a Democratic President assumes the oval office.  In short order the Democratic Party that boasted a Democratic President as well as  a House and Senate controlled by Democrats, managed to hamstring themselves and the nation in short order.  The one thing the Democrats did (actually didn’t do) with the longest lasting effect was managing to NOT pass a budget.  Let me write that again, they managed to NOT pass a budget.

This put the Republicans in a position of power they had no right to occupy.

It was a gift from one side of the UniParty to the other.

Later on, the budget, and even later on, the fake ‘debt ceiling’ fiasco would be used by the Democrats to sell out with ‘dignity’ to Republicans on issues including everything from additional stimulus, cuts to Medicare, Social Security, food stamps, assistance to the poor, to refusing federal aid to desperately cash strapped states etc.   The single act of NOT passing a budget when the Democrats controlled the House, Senate and Presidency, was done intentionally in order to sabotage the very legislative goals that people voted Democrats into office in order to achieve.

SO.  The 40% of Americans who identify as Democrats and liberals represent the best hope the country has……and at the same time they are delusional, putting their support and energies into a political party that is NOT on their side.

The only thing the current state of affairs accomplishes is to provide an elaborate cover, under which a relative handful made up of the rich and powerful impose their will on the great mass that is the working class.  This impacts nearly every member of the working class in much the same way, regardless of what each individual believes politically.  This situation produces the kind of frustrating, unresponsive, corrupt, pathetic excuse for a government we have come to expect.

Scorch the Political Landscape

So what to do to tip the balance of power in favor of the people?  Glad you asked.  About two years ago I came to the conclusion that the only way to break through the power blockade that is our modern Fascist Kleptocracy is to expose the outright fraud that our current UniParty perpetuates.  We must bring the whole damn charade shattering down, breaking it into a billion pieces so that citizens from coast to coast may see the charade for what it truly is.   Then and ONLY then can any real progress be made in the U.S.  This can easily be done peaceably but thoroughly, by way of the vote.

We have already seen what happens when the Democrats;  (limpwristed fake dogooders that they are) get control of the Federal Government: they give lip service to the people and Faithful service to the 1 percent.  This is perhaps the most dangerous of all outcomes as it provides a false sence of security to great swaths of liberals and lefties who wrongly assume that Democrats are on their side.  These loyal Democrats are often so appeased by having Democrats in power that they forget, or don’t notice when the Democrats DO NOT accomplish the goals they voted them into office to achieve.  Instead, loyal Democrats make themselves busy as they happily attack Republicans and blame them for any lack of accomplishment on the side of the Democrats and act as attack dogs against their more progressive counterparts who dare lodge any complaint against the Democrats in power.  Democrats being in power actually maintains the charade of the UniParty because Democrats are, simply put, much smarter and much more subtle than Republicans.

But turn that power balance upside down. Put Republicans in power around the nation, give them control of the Presidency, the House and the Senate……and just sit back and let them do what they do.

Yes it will be difficult to watch and painful to experience, but due to the criminal, hateful and illogical nature of Republicans and the CONservatism they represent, they will undoubtedly render themselves obsolete in very short order.  Like a dying Star, they will expend maximal effort as they reach higher and further ascending to ever increasingly spectacular fuck ups until such time as they have managed to piss off and alienate every single demographic contained inside the U.S. except for the tiny handful of rich folks whom they actually represent.  They will rip the veil off of the charade faster and far more effectively than any work shop or advocacy group or even the Occupy movement ever could.

Drastic?  Absolutely.  Necessary?  Guaranteed.  In point of fact, it is the astounding lack of empathy that permeates the U.S. that prevents otherwise reasonable people from being able to identify the absurdity and cruelty of the catalogue of CONservative policies that is the playbook of the Republican party.  And it is the mere existence of the Republican party that creates the illusion that the Democrats are substantially better and allows for their pursuit of destructive NeoLiberal policies.  All of which removes ANY chance of actual progressive or, god forbid, socialist policies ever being proposed let alone passed into law.  This is the bedrock of the lesser evil quicksand that the U.S. seems content to drown itself in.

When folks who idolize the rich and despise the poor, the needy, the desperate and jobless  (either because they are rich or because they identify with the wealthy and powerful) actually Become the poor, the needy the desperate and the jobless; there quickly occurs in these people the most profound change in perspective and maturing of political awareness.  It is nothing short of miraculous!

I tell you this: give me the most CONservative, hateful, most stupid man that you know and arrange it so he actually has to live in the world that he and his Republican and CONservative buddies fantasize about.  There is zero question in my mind that that man will amaze even himself at how quickly he finds that he’s had enough of his little wet dream.

Only prolonged, unchallenged and widespread Republican rule can work that miracle upon the populace in numbers sufficient to shatter the charade of the UniParty and to thoroughly discredit CONservatism and NeoLiberalism perhaps for all time, but at least for several generations.  


So there you have it.  This is in my honest opinion, what I believe to be the  blueprint to building real and lasting change in the U.S.   Would you rather have the Republicans continue to drag U.S. politics farther and farther to the right while the Democrats play ‘good cop’ and they both slowly screw the working class and rearrange the U.S. into a 5th world country?  Or would you rather have the Republicans get in the driver’s seat, show their hand to the world, render themselves obsolete and make way for an actual political system with enough political space for an actual party of the people?

As always, the choice is yours.

When I cast my vote in 2012 it will be for ANYONE but President Obama or Mitt Romney.  I’m voting 3rd Party progressive in the presedential race and in every race I have the opportunity to do so because it’s what I believe in and it is what I will remain committed to until such time as someone is able to convince me of a strategy that makes more sense.

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