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The Big Ruckus and America’s “slow learners”


The Big Ruckus and America’s “slow learners”

When it comes to vilifying the Fourth Estate, it’s easily accomplished since the “editors” at virtually all the major and minor news outlets, continue to control the political messages of the two major legacy parties, and in particular, the Sunday Morning Talking Heads Circuit, currently emblazoned by the Meet the Press and followed by ABC’s Sunday Morning Propaganda Platform. Of course, if you’re an academic, expecting to receive an “invite” for your presentation, is not likely to happen, especially when it comes to challenging any variation to Reagan’s Era of Criminal Incompetence or to George W. Bush’s Era of Gross Incompetence.

Consequently, “we” and who know just about everything that is important for understanding these two inglorious Eras, would never deem to participate in this tokenism and subsequently, become “enablers” for this everlasting Criminal Stupidity. Especially, if you’re from the Sonoran Desert; you’re a Native American; or you’re a Hispanic; or you’re a Military Veteran.  For in doing so, would add intentional havoc to our current and anticipated demographic trends. Thus, staying home and having more sex on a Sunday morning, signifies our Common Sense while reinforcing our “standing” among our peers, seems the appropriate thing to do, including reading the Sunday papers, given that the Internet is far ahead in reporting the “news” by some 24 hours. And as such, the political analysis located on the internet is far more rigorous, both intellectually and historically factual. To wit, this wealth of knowledge among America’s “experts,” is endless as well as impressive, to say the least, when considering the contributions of the many, starting with the “names” of Krugman, Baker, Chomsky, and that’s just for starters from the non-internet experts. And add into this mix, the internet “experts” and history becomes more replete with obvious and “unassailable” facts galore.

And now, what is the Big Ruckus for America’s “slow learners”?

Last month, Norm Ornstein and Thomas Mann published their book, as well as an op-ed in one of America’s major newspapers and where they placed the blame at the political altar that is the Republican Party for America’s political dissonance, and therefore, have not been invited to participate in our national Sunday Morning Talking Heads Circuit, and of course, Greg Sargent and Kevin Drum have taken up their “cause.”

And although I should not belittle such stalwart efforts, its seems the prudent thing to do, in order to put the daily travails into a proper perspective.  But, and then, I am a long-in-the tooth, grey in beard, and an ornery reprobate to boot, and which enhances my political juice and when this opportunity presents itself. Thusly, our Hispanic and Sonoran Desert Common Sense cannot be shirked. Consequently, I feel obligated to “defend” our prior decision-making from ten years ago in which Native Americans at 90%, African Americans logged in at 90%, also, and Chicanos at 85%, opposed Bush’s War of Choice. To wit, nothing has changed since, other than the white “moderate=lites” are now currying our favor for our having defended the Constitution’s requirement for a Declaration of War and nothing less can suffice, and while addressing in the public arena, the hucksterism that is America’s forte for maintaining the usual and historical mindset that is “military adventurism” at an incomprehensible cost to our children’s lives for having served in the military–in all the hot spots that animates our national security construct, albeit our economic interests, however, interpreted.

Regardless, Ornstein and Mann will eventually become a footnote in America’s history books when written by the academic historians of the future, and as such, not all has been lost via their prodigious and sheer talent, as well as the constructive skill set brought forth to us by both Ornstein and Mann, and needless to say, but I will, much appreciated. And we too, know how to “listen.” In the meantime, the major news outlets will continue to see a decline in the eyeballs of America’s “racial and ethnics” given that the “new” efforts by the major outlets to develop and establish, Spanish-language cable outlets dedicated to “selecting” which Hispanic-owned dollars “to collar” will continue unabated. Unfortunately, these privatized efforts will fail, given that these dedicated cable networks, bring forth no ‘street cred’ to these financially massive endeavors, especially when viewed by the “perceived” beneficiaries and despite any best effort from the experts specializing in America’s iconic political and economic cabalism.

In closing, Ornstein and Mann, have been slow in coming to our view of America’s political “wrecking crew” and yet, when the “moderate-lites” quit being enamored of these political propaganda platforms, only then, will the folks, like myself from the Sonoran Desert, come to really appreciate the white folks who emblazon the future with their iconic behavior for “Telling the Truth and Shaming the Devil.” As such, anything less is not acceptable since “street cred” is the coin of the realm in our Reality. Thus, the pejorative label of “suspected terrorist” as indicated in Kevin Gosztola’s journalistic endeavor and titled, “The FBI’s framing of Long-time Activist Carlos Montes,” dated May 15, 2012, and published at the political blog of Firedoglake.Com and relevant component, The Dissenter, and followed with a subsequent update, demonstrates that the politics practiced in Los Angeles, as well as in the Upper Midwest, has relevance to our continuing efforts here in the Sonoran Desert. Moreover, our Kudos is hereby extended to Kevin Gosztola for his easy flair for practicing our iconic Art of Becoming, and for the usual that animates our brand of “street cred!”

Note:  Originally posted on the web site for the Chicano Veterans Organization


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