Is there an Obama Admin failure compendium?

I sometime think that Obama is the ‘Great Pretender’ deep inside. Or that could be wishful thinking on my part.

A friend of mine who will be voting for him because he’s fearful of Romney (and please, let’s not go there, meaning the debate about who to vote for, etc.) sent me this list of ‘Obama’s Achievements’.

It’s quite a piece of work from 100 people who were tired of “the media, driven by corporate self-interest, and disaffection with Obama on both the right and left, continues to focus only on any negatives they can construct a narrative around.”

It’s an impressive effort, though it -IMNSHO- is the work of what has been called Obamabots.

So I wonder; has anyone or group of people compiled a compendium anywhere near the scope and effort of the above compendium of what are viewed as Obama’s failures or steps taken that are simply against traditional Democrat or U.S. ideals/perspectives? A for instance is Obama’s saying that he favors gay marriage rights but thinks it should be a ‘State’s issue’, thereby ignoring that he’d have to be using separate bathrooms,water fountains, and eating establishments when traveling in the South if what are called ‘civil rights’ had been left to the States.

If so, please let us here at FDL know of such a compendium.

Personally, I agree with these people:
So it’s no great secret that the U.S. electoral system is mainly public relations extravaganzas. They keep away from issues. It’s sort of a marketing affair, and the people who run it are the advertisers. And they had their national convention right after the 2008 election, and it revealed that they understood perfectly what was going on. They gave Obama the award for the best marketing campaign of the year. And if you go to the business press, they were reporting how executives were really excited. I mean, we have this new model as to how to, you know, delude people, enacted in the—we used to use the Reagan model, now we can use the Obama model for our delusional systems that we construct, which is pretty much what the PR industry is about. So, that captured it properly.”

Again and again, Obama has shown his true colors. It isn’t simply that Obama lied. Politicians lie. But there are norms for political lying. The depth and dependability of Obama’s misrepresentations constitute a difference in kind.
Obama didn’t make compromises necessary to lead effectively. He entered office with majorities in both houses and a country eager for a new direction. He has repudiated or retraded every pledge he made. He promised transformational leadership, and instead emulated Wall Street, devising complex programs that to sell average Americans short and reap his funders handsome rewards in the process. Rather than elevate his fellow citizens, Obama’s transactional focus and neoliberal philosophy have kicked the struggling middle class down the road greased by the right. ”

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