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Debt Forgiveness: A Love Story

Greece may stay in or Greece may leave the Euro but the reality is they are already down for the count and require nothing short of debt forgiveness to really solve their problem, which will mortally wound the global banksters, which will set off chain reactions throughout the system, which maybe will even seriously injure the middling petty bourgeois Americano even, who may even be some of us, which is why all workers of the world are being force fed austerity instead.

I don’t know about you, but I am the forgiving type.

Debt forgiveness is a thoroughly anti-capitalist notion, even if it was first introduced by the great defender of capitalism. Lord Keynes, as the “euthanasia of the rentier”. A marxist notion, actually. Ask your friendly local neighborhood globalist banker. He won’t forgive you your debts. It means you will have to tear up the balance sheet, then stuff the pieces down your friendly local neighborhood globalist banker’s overly fed throat and not say you’re sorry. It means deciding anymore that you will not exist merely to protect some rich motherlover’s assets and income portfolios.

Debt forgiveness as a tactic not coincidentally, also works well in the US by resetting mortgage principle and credit card debt for all underwater US mortgagees and unsecured indentured debtor slaves alike.

The banks will suffer (many will die, thank Gawd) as a result, but the economy as a whole will be resolved in shorter order than through the wholly preposterous progressive lunacy du jour of borrowing more and more money from the Chinese Snidelys in order to cover what remains of the globe with an abundance of bridges to nowhere, or whatever other fantasies delusional Keynesians dream everytime Krugman invokes another Pavlovian response in some progressive but still loyal to the bosses heart and mind.

Take green jobs, for instance. Where are all the fucking green jobs? On Mars, of course, with all the green cheese needed to sustain the half-starved space alien population of the intergalactic WTF.

In fact, SYRIZA doesnt really hold any good cards either in the game of governing Greece, which is why they so quickly hedged their campaign position of leaving the euro when it became apparent they were no longer just the quaint opposition but were in a position to become the leaders of the govt. Funny how the bravest and boldest campaign slogans don’t really hold up very well after you’ve won the election. (SEE Obama, Barack for further details).

The real world of governing is a much different place than the campaign trail. The opportunity for the Left in the rest of the western world especially in the US is to force the oppressive governing apparatus to adjust the wealth distribution, change the direction of expenditures from wartime keynesianism to peacful socialism, create more justice both socially and economically, while stunting the capitalist “growth” fetish for alltime.

NEWS FLASH: the 5 billion citizens of the world cant grow our way into nirvana, by midcentury’s 9 billion point.

NEWS FLASH 2: The electoral process that isnt saving Greek workers won’t save us either, no matter how many times we pull the handle for the Ralph Nader of the moment.

Change wont occur without at least, y’know, a bit of forceful pressure on the PTB from outside the system. Y’know, break a few windows, bleed for the cause. Black Blocking I think they call it.

Maybe we will have to go to jail for bit, even if we have never before had so much as a traffic ticket. And believe me, the food is worse than advertised but the sex is pretty darn good, although it has more hair in it than the food.

Greece is but one small step in the direction towards a leftist (as oppose to a progressive) response to the current state of lower middle class slavery.

All in all, I’d much prefer to see Greece leave and the euro destroyed, but its no hair off my nose (or is it?) because I have no skin in their game (or do I?). Unlike the typcally callous fake left meme wrt Argentina, I’m not glossing over the tremendous pain that the average citizen will experience in this event, which in the end is why I think accomodation will be made inside the EU treaty and the decrepit western world will wobble and stumble about, then persevere unsoundly for at least a few more decades.

Why, we could even be wiped out here in the good ol USA in the chain reactive process. But, I suppose our children and grandchildren may survive OK, somehow.

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