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The Clown-Show will not be publicized

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Nothing denotes a greater honor than not letting anyone know about it — to avoid a scene.

Controversial radio host Rush Limbaugh made a surprise visit to the state Capitol on Monday to be inducted into the Hall of Famous Missourians…The ceremony today was unusual in that it was not announced until 20 minutes before it was scheduled to begin and was not open to the public.

And please enjoy the damning of faint praise from the Republican behind it all, Speaker Steve Tilley.

“it’s not the ‘Hall of Universally Loved Missourians.'”

And without irony it should be noted Limbaugh’s induction was bookended by the other honorees, Dred Scott and the recently departed, and beloved, African-American baseball legend Buck O’Neil. Thereby denoting the only way they’d have been caught in the same room with Rush Limbaugh.

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