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New Rule: Scalia and Thomas, et. al, shall not dictate the chemistry of a citizen’s bloodstream

ACCORDING to the USA’s Constitution, the right to continuously monitor my bloodstream, or to prohibit my peaceful, private pursuit of Happiness, does not appear among the enumerated powers of our nation’s founding documents. These are not powers that have been delegated or relinquished to the local, state, or federal governments.


Any claim otherwise is absurd, no matter how many clowns in flowing black dresses and perched behind elevated desks might be trying to use their squandered authority to declare otherwise.


WHY doesn’t a truly “strict constructionist” reading of The Constitution of the United States absolutely protect the right to consume what I please, especially if connected to any “religious” and/or spiritual activity, in the privacy of my own dwelling?


WHY doesn’t a truly “strict constructionist” judge fret about obstacles to my pursuit of Happiness at least as much as he claims to worry about my eroding Freedoms in the face of socialist dangers like Medicare, workers unions, and food stamps?


That question is easy to answer.

It DOES protect all of my rights to pursue Happiness, but we are currently being subjected to unconstitutional, and therefore illegal, drug edicts. We are being persecuted by directives that criminally restrict the free practice of one’s personal and private activities, both religious and secular.


Never forget this sentence, which is explicitly stated in the Constitution of the United States:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”


My “pursuit of Happiness” must be afforded at least as much respect and protection as my Life, or my Liberty itself!


The very ordinary action of “pursuit” is not subject to government inspection or punishment. Specific, constitutionally based laws must be broken before the Life, or Liberty, or Pursuit of Happiness of a citizen may be infringed.


Certainly, the phrase “Pursuit of Happiness” must be allowed to cover many different definitions, and must be very broadly interpreted. Obviously, we are within those bounds when we understand that the simple private use of an intoxicating agent, or the simple private use of a spiritual/religious catalyst, has been *specifically enshrined*, in direct proximity with Life & Liberty, in the Fundamental Document of our Nation!


USA is a nation that has legalized nicotine addicts, alcoholics, and prescription pill poppers; literally the worst drugs in the world. Anyone stopped by police and found in possession of the alternative “naughty” ghetto drugs are subject to police discretion regarding arrest. No rich people go to jail for simple possession of small amounts of weed, crack, powder, etc..


This hands the for-profit prison industry a river of clients, and it hands police an effective weapon for intimidation, racial profiling, and for supplementation of their budgets too. Those are the true reasons why the “war on some drugs” has proven so hard to bring to a halt.


The private prisons get a guaranteed profit and the plutocrat’s dobermans get to confiscate property and money to buy themselves extra expensive toys. They often find silly amounts of cash to put in their pockets, and they can pick what color and class of person they want to arrest.


YOU may not be aware of this, but for millennia a huge majority of people have incorporated various types of drug use into the legitimate creative, spiritual, “religious”, or “pursuit of Happiness” aspects of their life.


Today, it may be my peaceful, extremely personal, maybe even religious, freedoms that are being proscribed.


If you are loyal, even minimally loyal, to the ideals of our society, the fact that millions of fellow citizens are being persecuted should concern you immediately.


Even if you are something less than a good citizen, and you do not recognize and defend the rights of others, you should still be concerned because it could easily be your religious freedoms, or your favored drug, being outlawed tomorrow.


The stupid, criminal, unconstitutional war on some drugs has to stop.


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