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Cartoonist Sergio Hernández Depicts “Arizona’s Finest”

Sergio Hernández

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Sergio Hernández is a California-based artist and cartoonist. This is his take on the latest goings-on in Arizona, where education and law enforcement authorities have formed an axis of xenophobia:

There has been a very aggressive move in Arizona by those in power to erase all Latino, Chicano, Mexican American culture from the state. This movement is cloaked under the guise of homeland security and border control. What is really happening is the destruction of fundamental rights of a population of people who are being demonized because of the color of their skin, culture and the language that they speak.

If Arpaio and Pedicone are successful, then where does it stop?

Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Superintendent of TUSD John Pedicone are the front men for a very unjust movement. This image depicts the real feelings of these evil men.

Hernández has a lighter side, too. He is the mind behind the “Arne & Porfi” comic strip, featured in the 1970s magazine Con Satos. In partnership with the multimedia outlet Latinopia, he has resurrected those characters and placed them in today’s social context. Here’s their latest adventure.


But even back in the day, Hernández was making some pretty strong (and prescient) visual commentary. “Chicanos on the Move,” an homage to the community’s historical leaders, printed many years ago for La Causa Calendar, could easily be used today to portray the struggle over ethnic studies today in Tucson’s public schools.

We’ll be featuring more of Hernández’s work as Arnie and Porfi’s new adventures, and the wild world of immigration politics, unfold.

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