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Saturday Night Live Endorses Jill Stein!

Saturday Night Live Endorses Jill Stein! — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)

normanb May 13th, 2012 at 7:23 am


Here is the video

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Last night NBC’s Saturday Night Live endorsed Green candidate Jill Stein for President [but not in those words], while decrying what looks like a disgraceful sham of an election: The skit “Funkytown Debate” depicted two male candidates, a Black incumbent and a White challenger, who are extremely dishonest, spewing nothing but lies and propaganda in their speeches and ads. They are hokey hucksters, charlatans, crooks through and through, lapdogs constantly flip-flopping for their corporate overlords

First the Obama character came out laughing and lying his head off about cleaning up the Gulf of Mexico Oil spill. So he went way way way over budget, who cares?! What a party! Then, over to the far-too-rich know-nothing corporate slickshit campaign: Musical guest Usher, as Romney’s valet, accused the Obama character of “chang[ing] his answers” from what he had promised four years earlier.

But what I am most impressed about is the quality of Saturday Night Live itself, especially the contrast from four years ago: That election, SNL was part of the rigging! Let me take you back, if I can.

By November 2007, the American electorate had rejected the mainstream media completely, and was getting most of its “news” from comedic fake news shows like SNL, Maher, Stewart, and Colbert. Then the Networks did something unreasonable causing all the comedy writers to go out on strike, in December, with the Primaries just weeks away – expected in February, or maybe even in January. And Facebook hadn’t yet surfaced as a way to spread news, or overthrow the Government, so people had no news whatsoever, and just when they needed it most, to make their most monumental decision in years!

During the news black-out, on Christmas Eve 2007, someone shot and killed Dennis Kucinich’s brother. Barack Obama called Kucinich right away. Also right away, police ruled that it was Suicide. Dennis Kucinich was one of the only peace-pot-&-personal-freedom candidates in the race, and the killing really set him back. Mike Gravel was another peace-and-pot candidate. Saturday Night Live‘s take on them then was this: Kucinich and Gravel are crazy and ridiculous. Gravel was portrayed as dangerously insane.

This time, both Obama and Romney were shown as dangerously incompetent, virulent liars, and without a trace of concern for the people, and not very smart. Both Obromneys are childish and keep trying to distract from what’s real. They want to change the subject and fool people. The Jill Stein character comes across as the only mature adult in the group. She talks economic specifics, tax code and such. Corporate TV and corporate candidates will have none of it. They Cover her Up and block her out! That explains why Greens and Libertarians are not invited to the Debate Commission’s faux Debates:

Jill Stein would make these clowns look stupid. Gary Johnson would spotlight their inability to tell the truth. Rosanne Barr would have them looking sheepish and talking backward. A poll in January said two-thirds of likely voters would vote for a non-Republicrat. Another poll I heard quoted on TV news last week said 51% think Obama frequently misleads the public, while 63% think the same of Romney. Can anybody still believe the Obromney monoparty, now that they’ve been crying “Wolf!” so much and for so long?

But let’s also look back, to see what did happen around the real Debate that year. That first 2008 Debate was sponsored by AARP – which gets money in kickbacks from Insurance companies and Big Pharma. AARP can never allow single-payer candidates, it would cost them money. They announced that Kucinich, Gravel, and Obama were not invited to this Debate. The next day, Obama announced that he was against single-payer, after his Primary opponent Hillary Clinton had ridiculed the single-payer idea in an interview. Obama quickly got an invitation.

When the several candidates got out on stage – without Gravel or Kucinich – there was no need to ask about peace or pot, everybody was against it! And instead of Debating single-payer, the moderator merely stated: “I don’t think that anybody here is for single-payer. If you are, raise your hand.” No one did.

That made me remember back to 1993, when I was proud of Hillary Clinton’s White House Health Care Task Force. For the first month, she didn’t even say that her program would allow the existence of Insurance or Drug companies. But then, she was universally attacked by nearly every newspaper in America. (Remember newspapers?!) So, she let the corps play. Oh, well.

Now, flash forward to 2009: Obama says he’s trying to fix health care, but instead teams up with AARP and Senator Max “Bogus” Baucus to crush single-payer. What a crook!

Jill Stein doesn’t have a loud voice, but she speaks the truth.

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