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Food Sunday: Leavenings for the mind

Covey of Mushrooms

In case others don’t know ‘leavenings’, here’s the definition:”Also called leavening agent. a substance used to produce fermentation in dough or batter; leaven.; 2. the act or process of causing to ferment by leaven.”

Not that anyone’s mind is “dough or batter” but there are a lot of good things that occur as a result of fermentation.

Any, here’s some stuff to start -or continue- the process in your mind.

First this bothers me a great deal because it goes directly against what this nation is supposed to have as one of it’s main functions via the Constitution and that is religious plurality. Now those who have read my comments or diaries know i am anything but a fan of the god of Abraham but this shit about the military and police targeting muslims needs to be shouted down bigtime and the media is useless in calling out the PTB’s about it:

And the officer is STILL on the college staff !! And remember the Air Force xtian ‘scandal’?

And then there are the police in New York but don’t think it’s just New York.

These are people who swear to uphold the Constitution as part of their ‘duty’ ! Yet no one gets dismissed and we still get the refrain by the ‘conservatives’ about ‘responsibility for oneself’.

aarrgghhhh !!

An item about the ‘only democracy in the middle east’:

Doesn’t this sound familiar? Can you say ‘bi-partisanship’? And what really is mind boggling is this:
“the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) warned against the adverse fallout that would occur if the proposal to separate Palestine into two territories, one primarily Jewish and the other Arab.”

This is back in 1947 !!!! And so the talk about a ‘two State solution’ continues; sheesh, talk about the prelude to a policy of ‘never ending war’.

Loved this item about the nuclear plant near where I live: “The engineers wrote that they needed to design generators that would require only minor modifications within the rest of the plant, but also meet a federal test to qualify as “in-kind,” or essentially identical, replacements, which would allow them to be installed without prior approval from federal regulators.”

And the result? “An overriding goal for a team of engineers who worked on steam generators installed at the plant in 2009 and 2010 was minimizing wear and tear on the nearly 40,000 tubes that carry radioactive water inside the massive machines. Customized design and manufacturing promised years of reliable service for a plant that can power 1.4 million homes in Southern California.

But the opposite happened.

Full article here.

If you’re into wondering whither France,Greece, Spain,etc., this article may provide you some insight into the factors at play; a couple of excerpts: “Instead of offering an alternative model of regional integration to the unregulated system of the global economy and its discredited ideology of market fundamentalism, Europe remained exposed to and entrapped by financial market players and neo-liberal economic policies. As a result, it de facto turned against its own aspiration to implement the European Social Model and equal up regional disparities. The East-West divide as well as the North-South divide is stronger or at least more obvious today than before 2004/2005. The new phase of peripheralisation conducted by German-led ordoliberalism ? has provoked national resistance and led to a further and sharp decline of public trust in both national and European institutions.”

“The open question of the European social and political crisis is whether this emerging European society will provide enough of a basis and a framework for a new public discourse and the politicization of the empty European public space. Or will Europeans choose to submerge themselves in their national and sub-national interests.”

Which can also be said about the United States,meaning ‘submerge(ing) themselves in their national and sub-national interests.”

And since money seems to be the main ‘mover and shaker’ in human affairs nowadays( or maybe it’s always been and I’ve just been naive and idealistic):
China allows banks to lend more in bid to boost economy
“The People’s Bank of China says banks will have to hold half a percentage point less in reserve.

For the nation’s biggest lenders it means they will have to hold 20% of their assets in cash reserves.”

While here in the U.S., good luck in figuring out what banks must have as cash reserves; see here.

Looked at what I was going to post about ‘money’ and it’s too much to add to this missive, so I’ll end this and get some of this fermentation:
Newcastle Brown Ale (1)

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