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Rocky Anderson Responds

Recently I posted an article here. It was an article by presidential candidate Rocky Anderson. Rocky had written it in response to an article written by a gentleman called William Kaufmann titled “, Ralph Nader, Rocky Anderson, and the Green Party: A Political Un-Love Story.” This article was itself published at the blog Green Party Watch and Dissident Voice.

However, this article titled “Ralph Nader, The Democrats and I” was pulled by Firedoglake. We can assume that it is because I simply copy and pasted the article, written by presidential candidate Rocky Anderson and presented it to you, the fine people at FDL for your information. This obviously violated a policy here. I understand now, how this works.


So  instead I will simply create this article and direct you to this. A link to the aforementioned article, written by presidential candidate Rocky Anderson.

Now to end this little article.

Why do I support Rocky Anderson?

Given the anti-democratic nature of electoral politics in the United States today, third party presidential campaigns cannot be about “winning” unless one redefines the nature of winning an election cycle. No indeed, it is about something in the long term. For myself, it is about exposing the complete anti-democratic nature and corporate corruption of the Democratic and Republican Parties charade.

I am convinced beyond doubt that the only way to create an actual  functioning and truly representative democracy in this most anti-democratic country is to smash apart the perception that we have a democracy. As encapsulated in the Kabuki Theatre that is the two party system. Further, that electoral politics should be used to expose this, right alongside the corporate media and their willingness to participate in this fraud. That in the end, presidential and all forms of electoral politics are simply vehicles and organizing tools. To push along the the desperately needed “shift of consciousness” of the people. A shift so needed for the future of all of us, as a people and a planet. Kind of a tenth monkey way of looking at politics and humanity.

It is in this vein that I approached this presidential campaign cycle. Given my experiences with the Green Party, I saw that vehicle as, well quite broken, unworkable and ineffective. However, as time went by and it appeared that no-one else appeared willing to step up, I was almost desperate enough to join up with the Green Party and whomever they choose. Or perhaps one of the Socialist candidates. But I seen no-one who could effectively organize to break past the primary barrier of the two party system.

Then Rocky Anderson announced and I was overjoyed. I looked closer at him, as a candidate and the more I looked, the more I became convinced that this could work. Sure,  Rocky is not perfect but he seemed solid and trustworthy.

What has horrified me beyond words is what else Rocky and his campaign has exposed. The absolute depth of cowardice of much of those who call themselves “progressive.” Those who use words like progressive, justice, anti-war, pro-democracy. All the while supporting and in fact reinforcing the political forces of corporate corruption, wars and illegality. While at the same time willing to engage in acts of suppressing those of us who have seen past their charade. I have seen this tendency happen over and over, in multiple venues. Rallies, blogs, radio, TV, it makes no difference. I have dubbed this the Golden Microphone phenomena. As in, if you speak on behalf of those who have the gold, then you shall be granted access to the golden microphone. Or put another way, the works of the 501c3 Industrial Complex. Please refer to my article “Censorship-A Liberal Value”

I remain floored and stunned at the depth of this self imposed willingness of those who call themselves “progressive” to firstly self censor themselves and then to censor others who speak the truth.

Your war criminal president and your guilty co-conspirator duly selected officials do indeed carry on in your name.

Barack Obama is not my president. Rocky Anderson is.

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Michael Cavlan RN

Michael Cavlan RN