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US Senate candidate David Levitt on CA ballots!

It’s time I post a diary here about the David Levitt for US Senate 2012 campaign.  Believe it or not, I’m on the ballot across California with a very progressive, increasingly popular platform: End Prohibition of medical cannabis; End Afghanistan; Medicare for All; and the Contract for the American Dream platform that Van Jones is so articulate about.

The new “top two” primary rule in California has changed the math, since now there can be 2 Democratic winners.  So now a Feinstein win doesn’t automatically kick me to the curb.  The 14 Republicans can only get on the ballot if Democrats fail to spread their votes to some other Democrat besides Feinstein.  At last count Republicans were all polling at 2% and under.  That means the runner-up might win with just a few hundred thousand votes.  There are very few polls, but the Republican frontrunner is likely birther Orly Taitz.

Since everyone here is progressive and since Feinstein’s strength means there’s no “spoiler” threat in this race, I aim for everyone in the FDL community to tell their California friends about the campaign, and to vote for the policies they want – not a “lesser evil” – by voting for me – and by mobilizing voters with me here at FDL and elsewhere.

We’ve been documenting the race with video.  The one we posted last night is astonishing — my Republican opponents dripping in racism, homophobia and — of all things — vicious contempt for teachers and public schools.  I’m not exaggerating — check out the video!

Republican Hate on the US Senate Campaign Trail

This page with 2 videos at includes the background, and shows the cool Levitt video response to all that hate!  Even if you knew nothing about my progressive platform, you’d probably want to vote for me just to keep them off the November ballot.

For years I’ve read and enjoyed FDL, written and commented occasionally, posting diaries like Buffett in NYT: Thanks For Ignoring My Catastrophic Financial Fraud, America! and A Perfectly Centrist President.  Last year I helped found groups recruiting citizen candidates – see this nice Young Turks interview at Occupy Wall Street in NYC.  I’ve been in the Senate race since February and have had various press and endorsements, but I’ve been so busy haven’t reached out directly to FDL until now.

Actually, many of you at FDL are my favorite web writers — from Swanson to Dayen to Walker to Wheeler — with huge networks of progressives who I suspect can help this campaign earn another 1/4 million votes this month to win in the runner-up position.  Please help promote this amazing opportunity.

I’m frankly not very experienced at promoting my activity at FDL — nor at campaigning actually.

Please Like the campaign on Facebook, mention @Levitt2012 on Twitter, and contribute what you can to this very progressive campaign for an alternative to mideast/drug warrior Dianne Feinstein.

Support, discuss, debate, and spread the word about this extraordinary race during the few remaining campaign weeks!


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