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Come Saturday Morning: This and That

Here are a few nice articles, blog posts and other bits of semi-ephemera that deserve a little additional prominence before going gently into that good night:

Scott Walker is a lying scumbag who was caught on tape boasting to his biggest billionaire donor of his plan to destroy Wisconsin’s unions even as he was publicly stating otherwise. He’s still lying, as Blogging Blue demonstrates.

The National Association of Manufacturers is all freaked out that some California teens have the temerity to think that they might be people with rights just like corporations: “‘At issue is whether a small group of individuals and environmental organizations can dictate through private tort litigation the economic, energy, and environmental policies of the entire nation,’ wrote National Association of Manufacturers spokesman Jeff Ostermeyer in an email.” But of course per Mr. Ostermeyer, it’s quite all right for a small cabal of incredibly rich individuals and corporate interests to dictate the economic, energy, and environmental policies of an entire nation — what he hates is when nasty little commoners like the teens insist they have a say in our collective fates.

— Remember Bobby Hull and Monique White, whose homes were about to be taken from them last winter in Minneapolis? Thanks to the hard work and long-term committment of several Minneapolis Occupiers, Bobby Hull’s home was saved, and now Monique White’s home has been rescued as well.

So what’s the good word in your neck of the woods?

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