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What? Scott Walker Lied?

Governor Walker of Wisconsin has said all along that his “Budget Adjustment Bill” was not about union busting. This video of him talking with Beloit, Wisconsin Billionaire, Diane Hendrix reveals what the real deal is. Ms Hendricks has been a major contributor to Walker’s campaign.

It seems doubtful that this will have much impact on his recall election which comes up on June 5th. No one on either side believed his statements anyway. The folks that want union rights squashed will probably see this as politically crafty and the pro-union folks, well, they might be outraged a tiny bit more than they already are. However, if it gets one more person pissed off enough to go to the polls on June 5th, that’s a good thing. It’s gonna be a close one.

Hopefully, there won’t be any monkey business by the Republican Secretary of State as has happened in the past. You might recall that she “accidentally” had Waukesha County’s voting results on her personal laptop. Which she conveniently discovered in the nick of time to put the Republican candidate for the Wisconsin Supreme Court over the top for the win.

I am generally not one to go in for name calling but Scott Walker is a special case. Seriously, just watching him makes my skin crawl. So here goes, Scott Walker is an egotistical mealy mouthed slime-ball. There, I feel better.

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