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The Student Loan Rate Scam (Fraud)

Believe it or not, wallstreet is a farm- in the farming business. In this farm are a bunch of live”stock”. They raise the livestock by feeding them loans to repay so they can work for their owners and later, when they are relatively useless or expensive, they can slaughter them. At that point they are deadstock.

The “investors” that the wallstreet farm serves today are looking to subsidize losses and have better gains. In the competition to provide serious realizeable and more predictable gains, the wallstreet thieves who stole home values have landed on the mother lode, the golden calf itself! There is a futures market – a realizable one that can be predicted, banked on and enforced. Whats more – you can play a part in that futures market. Yep. You can “cash in” on that and all you have to do is “sign your name”! Sound too good to be true? It should.

What’s that catch? Why the catch is you. Yep. You are the “catch of the day”. A real suckerfish. And wallstreet bankster thieves are luring you in with the promise of a tomorrow. This is not to say you have no future. This is not to imply that getting an advanced education is bad. This is not to say that education should be free. But it is to say that education should not be for profit nor expensive. But the bankster thieves will tell you that you have to compete with other willing borrowers behind door #3. And if you aren’t ready to sell the rest of your life and more, they swear the contestant behind door #3 will.

That’s the same fear game as blackjack. The dealer might have 21. Be afraid, be very afraid. Banksters want all your future and the futures of your children and generations. They don’t want you to pass anything on to your children free and clear. And they want you to work for less so they can collect interest and penalties in a scheme you will never pay off.

By the way – that is actually a practice in some countries on the planet today. And now it has arrived to the United States of America. for instance, a few years back the bankster thieves arranged for a wives only $200,000,000 to have their own lot of indentured servants. They can pick and choose of their targeted victims much like a slave master used to examine the lot to select from. Naturally if things go bad for that special fund, they can always stick the good citizens of the U.S.of A. with the bill.

Mitt Romney knows all about it. He is their front man to their next wave of deception and fraud upon Mainstreet. But what’s a poor bankster to do? Not invest money? Sit on it? By T-bills? Be humble and modest? Or, go rogue and be aggressive and come out swinging and playing suckers for the suckers they are? After all, their investors are goading them into it and they want to be heroes for those investors who prefer to pay nothing for labor. What’s a poor bankster to do when he can’t get paid by the people he robbed? The investor is the only game in town and the bankster made a promise to the investor. He said to the investor..

“it wont cost you anything for me to safeguard your money. in fact, i can make money with your money so give us all your money and we will give you a better rate than t-bills.

And that’s where you come in. You are the new target of wallstreet bankster thieves. Food too affordable? No problem. They’ll just raise the prices and loan you the money until you’re bankrupt. Mitt Romney knows all about the bankruptcy thing. And the loan-to-bankruptcy thing. and how to call it a “fair deal” because the victim got something in return – at first – until that something turned out to be a trojan horse. You might say that Mitt is a “used horse” traitor.

Fairness in a competitive economic method is both a farce and con. The reality is “power and what you can force upon others”. Sound familiar? It should. Power and what you can force on others is a prominent game among some so-called leaders.

It’s what Bashar al-assad is doing to the people in Syria… stealing their lives. It’s what wallstreet banksters and their pimped out policiticians are doing in the u.s…. stealing lives…

What these types want you to believe is that you are unworthy and unlucky. And that their way is fair because you have as much a chance of being like them as they have being like you. NOT! But they insist that you believe that fantasy. The difference between the enforcement of theft policies in some countries is somewhat different in the USA because in the USA, one cannot shoot protestors and keep shooting. But we’re getting there.

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