Always Something There To Remind Me

It probably doesn’t mean anything that, when Romney lamprey Kerry Healey was called upon to defend Young Master Mitt “The Demon Barber Of Cranbrook*” Romney from accusations that he formed a wilding gang of preppies to go Full Metal Tonsorial on a presumably gay classmate, Healey elected to point out that Mitt has always been kind to Texas Gov. Rick “Governor Goodhair” Perry who has long been rumored to be gay:

An adviser to Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign defended the candidate’s “kind impulses” on Friday, pointing to his treatment of Texas Gov. Rick Perry during recent GOP debates as proof.

Kerry Healey, Romney’s former lieutenant governor in Massachusetts and now an adviser to the Romney campaign, defended the presumptive GOP nominee against charges that he bullied other students during his high school years.


In defending Romney as “deeply compassionate” and “unfailingly kind,” she pointed to moments during the GOP primary when Romney was “being attacked from every side.”

“His response was always professional, calm, civil,” she pointed out. “In fact, he even intervened on behalf [of] — to try to help — Gov. Perry when he was stumbling [in attempting to remember a talking point during a debate]. His impulses are very kind impulses and there should be no debate about whether or not Gov. Romney is a bully.”

Bonus points should be given to Healey for reminding people that Mitt is also kind to dumb animals.

*Demon Barber of Cranbrook is courtesy of something I saw on the twitter.

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