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GetEQUAL protests WH inaction on executive order to ban workplace discrimination

Today GetEQUAL, the headline-making, pro-equality social justice advocates staged a peaceful, ardent protest near the White House to urge President Obama to sign an Executive Order to ban workplace discrimination by fed contractors.

Fifteen activists came from around the country to participate in the demonstration, staged the day after the President declared his support for marriage equality. There was a strategic decision to engage in a manner that would not result in arrests. From the organization’s statement:

Rather than organizing an arrestable action at the White House as planned, we shifted course — still believing that we need to push the president to create real, concrete change for LGBT Americans. After a significant amount of soul-searching, we decided as a group that we can be grateful while still asking for our full equality — no compromises, no excuses. We considered changing our target, but decided that the power to change LGBT lives across the country lies in the hands of President Obama, and we would take our case back to the White House.

So we headed to Pennsylvania Avenue, posters in hand, to send one clear, simple message: “Thank you — and we’re more than marriage.” Our signs read: “Thank you, and sign the Executive Order!” “Thank you, and stop deporting our families!” “Thank you, and pass ENDA!” and “Thank you, and stop LGBT bullying!”

This action lifted up a voice that hasn’t been heard since Wednesday afternoon — an unrelenting, uncompromising call for full LGBT equality. Evolution on marriage equality is fantastic, but it’s not everything. We want to be fully equal under the law — and we’ll keep taking action until we get there.

As you can see by the black-and white-photos by C.D. Kirven, the action harkened back to classic protests of the past.

* Call Your Congressman to Sign the Letter Urging President Obama to issue an ENDA Executive Order

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding