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Adding to the post by Tom Englehardt of Michael Klare’s treatise about oil wars, here’s from China’s english news sources(some of them):

Which I got to from this BBC news item.

This is heading for another China/U.S. confrontation and the Chinese are NOT going to back down.

The phrase “war; what is it good for?” has a high probability of a response ‘nothing’ from those who frequent sites such as this but those who write and read on these sites aren’t in positions of power. And those in positions of power see it as their duty to ensure their country maintains or enhances it’s position in the world. The reality is the war suppliers keep on going even after the insanity has temporarily ceased and so called peace has occurred.

Just look at Germany and Japan. And now you have the U.S. trying to maintain a hegemony it can’t sustain without oil and in defiance of those who want to expand their influence in geographic areas near them. As this person wrote , it will be “every nation for itself”.

Meanwhile here at home: 93,000 Californians are scheduled to have their extended federal unemployment benefits cut off Saturday because the state is no longer eligible for the long-term aid. (with the associated decrease in the ‘unemployment rate’).

“Bill Feit, 63, of Oceanside, said he received his on Saturday. Feit said he’s been unemployed for 88 weeks after the end of a contract job that paid $33 per hour. He said he’s been applying for many jobs, including those at Home Depot and Costco, but still having no luck.

“I’ve applied for three to five jobs a week for two years. Now I don’t even get any calls anymore,” said Feit, who gets $450 a week in unemployment. “That thing about being long-term unemployed, it’s true. The gates are closed. That’s how I feel.”

I went through the same thing (but not $450 a week) and it’s not just being long-term unemployed but also age.

Now the article indicates that the average unemployment check is $292 a week. That may sound like a lot BUT when the cost of a one bedroom apartment in the SD metro area is $750 a month at the low end of the scale and mass transit is a bad joke, $1200 a month doesn’t really cover expenses ,especially when electric rates are amongst the highest in the nation.

And the results to the newspapers question “Is it time for the government to start cutting unemployment benefits?” really shows the attitude that governs the SD metro area(which,btw, has been an area not hit anywhere near as hard in this ‘great recession’ as other areas of CA and the rest of the country).

In the meantime ,Poland has banned Monsanto’s gmo corn and at the same link is an opportunity to weigh in on the Farm bill being written that uses billions of dollars of tax money every year to subsidize factory farms, biotech crops, and chemical agriculture. I guess that might be considered some good news but until the FDA also bans the gmo corn, well, it’s in everything. And our bees are dying.

I’ve financial news I’d like to impart but I don’t want to tax everyone’s time for reading too much so I’ll end this diary with something I came across that just shows how willing governments are to sanction wars.

Because it somehow makes sense:

Lyrics here in case you have a hard time understanding, especially the French.

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