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Will he or won’t he – rumors the President will address his marriage equality ‘evolution’ today

Reporter Marc Ambinder seems to have some inside dope about what the President will say in a 1:30 PM ET interview with ABC’s Robin Roberts today. We’ll see.

From the New York Times:

The sudden booking suggests an interest on the part of the White House to get Mr. Obama in front of cameras, albeit in a carefully controlled interview setting, as soon as possible.

ABC secured the interview with Mr. Obama on Tuesday afternoon, according to two people involved in the planning. It will take place at the White House. The interview was so hastily arranged, in fact, that Ms. Roberts was still in New York on Wednesday morning to co-host “Good Morning America”– and was planning on returning to New York right after the interview, because her mother is visiting and the two have dinner plans on Wednesday evening.

Honestly, at this moment, I don’t give a crap. Being jerked around, constantly seen as an ATM, and the man can’t even state the obvious, and his surrogates continue this tap dance of stupidity over what is or isn’t an affirmation that the President believes in full equality for gay and lesbian couples. His own campaign couldn’t even lift a digital finger to tell people to vote against discrimination here in NC. The President can’t even sign an executive order barring employment discrimination against LGBTs in federal contracts.

If this is some sort of debutante debut on the marriage equality scene for dramatic effect, it’s kind of pathetic. If it’s another Lucy and the football moment, it’s time to stop the too-cute-by-half routine. Our lives have been treated like a political football by purported allies as well as professional anti-gays.

It’s sickening to see our humanity diminished over and over for shiz and political giggles by people untouched by the discrimination.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding