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The Maidenform Terrorist – You never know where they’ll turn up

I know that to be a patriotic ‘murican yesterday I was supposed to soil my pants over Al Qaeda’s new and improved “super-explosive underwear”. But alas, plot devices straight out of “The Pink Panther” do not really have that effect on me. I just cannot get over this alleged bunch of criminal masterminds deciding to terrorize the world via ‘Fruit of the Boom’.

Yes, Al Qaeda has committed heinous acts of mass murder — but they are also buffoons — who were dealt with exclusively in a completely moronic way for years.

Oh, and once again the vilified and mocked police actions that John Kerry mentioned as the most effective way to fight international terrorism came through.

Saudi Arabia’s intelligence agency, working closely with the CIA, used an informant to pose as a would-be suicide bomber. His job was to convince the Al Qaeda franchise in Yemen to give him a new kind of non-metallic bomb that the militants were designing to easily pass through airport security.

But the double agent instead arranged to deliver the explosive device to U.S. and other intelligence authorities waiting in another country, officials said Tuesday. The agent is now safely outside Yemen and is being debriefed.

Serpico not Gitmo works again.

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