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North Carolina and Wisconsin Primary – Live Blog – Update: Amendment One Passes, Dalton and Barrett Win

Tonight features important contests in Indiana, North Carolina, and Wisconsin. In Indiana already tonight, Richard Mourdock has made history by beating incumbent Republican Senator Dick Lugar. You can find my thoughts on the Indiana election here.

In North Carolina, Democrats are selecting their gubernatorial nominee and all voters are deciding the fate of Amendment One, which would put a prohibition against gay marriage into the state constitution even though it is already prevented by statute — and also any form of civil union. You can read my primary primer here.

Polls closed in Indiana at 6 pm Eastern, North Carolina at 7:30 pm Eastern, and will close in Wisconsin at 9 pm Eastern.

More election results can be found here at Politico or at Real Clear Politics or the North Carolina State Board of Elections’ results page.

7:50 pm – North Carolina has been very quick at reporting some of its vote. With 268,000 votes counted it is 54.67% for Amendment One and 45.33% against. As expected it is not looking good for equality supporters.

In the Democratic gubernatorial primary things are looking good for LT. Gov. Walter Dalton. It is currently Dalton 51.14% to Bob Etheridge 31.57%. Dalton needs to get over 40% of the vote to avoid a run off.

7:53 pm – According to PPP, which is North Carolina based, it looks like Dalton will likely win by double digits.

7:55 pm – Results are coming in very quickly. With just over 463,000 votes unofficially counted it is currently 55.44% for Amendment one and 44.56% against.

8:05 pm – As more votes are reported the margin for Amendment One appears little change. With 578,000 votes in, it is 54.81% for it and 45.19% against.

8:12 pm – In the Democratic governor primary things have tightened up but Dalton continues to look good. It is currently Dalton 45.40% to Etheridge 38.13% with 281,000 votes counted in that race.

8:16 pm – News keeps getting worse when it comes to Amendment One. Based on the areas that the vote has come from, PPP suspects it could end up winning by a margin of roughly 60-40.

8:26 pm – Now up to roughly 725,000 votes counted and it is 56.89% for and 43.11% against. It should be noted that the counties reporting have been mostly from the more liberal parts of the state.

8:34 pm – As more numbers come in the margin for Amendment One continues to grow. With 894,000 votes counted it is 59,04% for and 40.96% against.

8:50 pm – Things have tightened up a fair amount in the Democratic governor primary. With 21.2% reporting it is Dalton 44.2% – Etheridge 39.9%.

9:00 pm – Polls have now closed in Wisconsin.

9:02 pm – The yes on Amendment One vote has now crossed the 60% mark. With over 1,100,000 it is currently 60.35% for and 39.65% against.

9:11 pm – The AP is declaring that Amendment One will be approved in North Carolina. It is a sad day for equality in the country.

9:22 pm – First numbers are coming in from Wisconsin and as expect Tom Barrett has a solid lead. With 1.4% reporting it is Barrett 57% to Kathleen Falk 35.5%.

9:40 pm – In North Carolina Dalton lead has grown slightly. With 54.6% reporting it is Dalton 45.5%, Etheridge 38.5%.

9:54 pm – The AP has called the North Carolina Democratic governor primary for Walter Dalton.

10:00 pm – The AP has called the Wisconsin Democratic governor primary for Tom Barrett. He will get a rematch against Scott Walker in the recall election.

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