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Neo-Nazi Border Vigilante Alleged to Have Been Perpetrator in AZ Murder-Suicide Killing Five

The NYTimes is reporting that J.T. Ready has been informally identified as one of five bodies in a house in which police found five dead bodies on May 3.  For background and color to the story:

“Gilbert, Arizona: The police were awaiting the results of an autopsy to identify the gunman, but at a news conference on Thursday, Sgt. Bill Balafas, a Gilbert police spokesman, said signs pointed to Mr. Ready. “The gunshot wound locations, just the scene itself, the condition of the victims, how they were found at the scene — they all lead to him,” Sergeant Balafas said.”

That statement by Sgt. Balafas indicates to me that he’s speaking of Ready as the shooter, not simply providing the information by way of identification of a particular body.

“The bodies of Mr. Ready, 39, and another man, Jim Franklin Hiott, 24, were found just outside the home’s front door. The bodies of Mr. Ready’s girlfriend, Lisa Lynn Mederos, 47; her daughter, Amber Mederos, 23; and her 15-month-old granddaughter, Lily Lynn Mederos, were inside.

More about some weapons and two barrels of suspect chemicals is also here at the Times piece.  .

Ready had apparently been dishonorably discharged from the Marines after a court-martial, and had for a number of years been actively involved in fomenting violence against immigrants along the border.  You can read more about his disgusting exploits and cringe-inducing quotes to here.  He claimed to have been mentored by the loathsome recently recalled Senator Russell Pearce (R), author of the extremely controversial SB 2070 law.  Pearce had endorsed Ready in his run for Sheriff of Pinal County, AZ, as a Democrat.

When speaking about the border ‘movement’ he belonged to, The US Guard, the Times reports:

Mr. Ready, though, described the group in a 2010 interview as “the Minuteman Project on steroids,” made up of “people with assault weapons” willing to use “lawful, deadly force when appropriate.”

The Supreme Court, of course, heard arguments on 2070’s Constitutionality on April 25, 2012.  If I understand it correctly, Arizona claimed that the Constitution provides for state law to supersede federal law when federal authorities are not effectively solving a crisis, or words to that effect.

Police in Gilbert are saying that these killings are likely “to be a purely domestic situation”, and not tied to Ready’s involvement with border vigilantism, but it brings up some major questions about Ready’s notorious (and his comrades’) long history of violence being ignored by law enforcement for so long.    We’d have to wonder how far these folks have been protected by the corrupt and racist insider Arizona politics.  When Obama’s DoJ finally began to Sehriff Joe Arpaio a couple years ago, we had hope something might break.  Not yet.  To wit:

BS Norell of Censored News reported in June 24, 2011, LulzSec’s hacks into the AZ Department of Public Safety revealed that law enforcement was fully aware as far back as 2008 that fully-armed off-duty Marines were engaged in vigilantism on the AZ-Mexican border.

“Arizona and federal agents have largely ignored the militia and white separatist groups patrolling this area, along the border of the Tohono O’odham Nation, south of Three Points, and southwest of Tucson. [snip]

Although border rights organizations have pressed for investigations of assaults, rapes and murders of migrants in the Sonoran Desert, Arizona law enforcement and border agents most often ignore the crimes.
As it released the hacked data, Lulz Security said in a statement, “We are targeting AZDPS specifically because we are against SB1070 and the racial profiling anti-immigrant police state that is Arizona.”

Offering a very perspective on the killings is Infowars, quoting a piece at Veterans Today:

“Miltary trucks are arriving at the murder scene in Arizona,  The FBI, ICE, Homeland Security, State and local forces all there for what the news across the nation and the world had wrongly reported as a murder suicide involving a believed one time militant extremist.

The police press conference today, blaming the incident in domestic violence is a “cop out” as far as we are concerned.  The police say the military has to be there because the “ammunition” stored in the home was too confusing for normal people to deal with, like, perhaps, to “leave there” as they should.

The chemical drums found may very well be rain water.  After the Gabby Giffords shooting, Gabby and so many others, police statements along with military presence has become something of a signature we have begun to understand, the more departments and agencies, the further from the truth we get.”

A companion video on youtube asks, “Was JT Ready on Obama’s Kill List?  It’s here.

The Boston Globe is reporting that Ready was under investigation for possible domestic terrorism before the murders; if that’s true, the investigation was long overdue.  Boing-Boing has some of LulzSec’s Chinga la Migra* AZDPS hacked emails here.

Brenda Norell at Censored News:

“Anonymous’ Lulzsec hacktivists exposed Arizona police files last summer, revealing white supremacists and border militia were widespread, dangerous and heavily armed in southern Arizona.

Those hacked files revealed that armed white supremacists and border militia were largely ignored by Arizona police. Further, the Arizona media, out of fear, did not report the facts from those hacked police files or expose the danger. In fact, the Arizona media, refused.”

Norell has July emails here; some concern the ties between the Minutemen and AZ law enforcement, incendiary devices on the border, and …arrrggh.

*If* JT Ready (or even if friend JF Hiott is a border comrade) is proven to have been the  killer, many of will want to know: Had Arizona law enforcement (including the Federal Justice Department) been investigating these self-appointed border cops, might the Mederos family members be alive today?

[Edited to add:  If i seem pissed…I am.}

*Chinga la Migra = Fuck the Border Patrol**

**By 2012, the U.S. Border Patrol will be one of, if not the largest law enforcement agency in America.

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