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Video: North Carolina’s voices rise up against Amendment One

A chorus of voices have arisen over the past few months to warn North Carolinians of the harms of Amendment One.

On this video are elected officials, legal experts and people from around the state who have gone on record that this amendment is bad for North Carolina and its residents, as voters who haven’t cast their ballots already during early voting go to the polls on May 8.

The fact is that the other side has no rational argument for its “protecting marriage” claims except ones featuring religion-based bigotry, ignoring church-state separation. Vote for Marriage NC has not gotten any major elected officials to back this poorly worded ballot initiative on camera, no business leaders. Only religious figures, including the infamous Patrick Wooden, who believes that gay men use iPhones as sex toys. That’s credible.

And our side has hundreds of faith leaders against it as well, ones who understand why faith and matters of civil law must remain separate in order to protect religious freedom. Today there was an event in Greensboro sponsored from the NAACP featuring over 100 clergy from large congregations including Rev. Dr. William J. Barber and ministers speaking out against the amendment. The NAACP has sponsored mailers and radio spots against the amendment as well. It’s notable that the NAACP, LGBT and progressive communities have been working together in ways that will continue beyond election day.


Some statistics from the latest phone call with the Protect All NC Families team:

  • The campaign to fight Amendment One resulted in 11,000 donors with 70% of the money coming from inside NC, and $2.5 million raised
  • 22% of targeted GOTV population has early voted
  • An incredible 507K NC residents have early voted in this primary versus 486K that early voted in 2008
  • Black voter turnout is down in this primary: 16% Af-Am voted this time, versus the unprecedented turnout of 40% in 2008 when Barack Obama ran for President
  • Half-a-million robocalls went out today across the state broadcasting the anti-Amendment message from Bill Clinton.


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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding