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Cave Dwelling Garden-2012

Front Yard

Front Yard

Well, it’s that time of year.

The annual Larue cave garden pics, as it all starts over again, just in time for spring training and baseball, now a month into the regular season.

Go GYros, dawg help them but that’s another story.

Been a funny winter, last year (2010/2011) was all wet, cold, and some 150% snowpack in Sierra’s.v Followed by the 2011 summer which followed 3-4 other really cool summers for these climes, LOVED IT!

This past winter was so lame we were looking at 30% snowpacks as of late February. Some freak flurry of cold n rains added water and snow to our needs in March, April we planted, and it got colder again and killed some starters.

But by the third week of April, we got our starters fully in, those that lived were growing all to heck, and well, looks like a good start!

I’ll just sum it up, roughly:

  • 25 blue lake bean plants
  • 20 something ‘maters
  • Black Krim ‘maters/German Green Stripey’s/Early Gals/Yellow Pears/Golden Pears. More I forget. Overdosed but by dawg we’ll eat beans and ‘maters all summer!
  • Yellow and green zukes
  • French Thyme, 4 Fennel Plants (from last year)
  • A variety of 5 kinds of basil, 50 seedlings or more
  • Left over rosemary in front and in back, looking good!
  • Mexican oregano, Greek Oregano
  • Cilantro everywhere . . . n there’s stuff I just scattered seeds in the ground n tossed steer manure n potting soil over . . . wildflowers growing from last year in the dirt.

This is gonna be fun!

So here’s some pics:

Out front, I put down some steer manure and potting soil about two inches deep, to use the area all around the AC unit. I’d used benches in that area last year, but this gives me more square inches to plant into n I FILLED it! *G*

Front Yard

Another front shot, honey’s flowers n the stuff in buckets.

Front Yard

Honey’s stuff, gotta showcase the flowers. 😉
Front Yard

Ok, more honey flowers showcasing, she’s GOOD at this!

Front Yard

Back yard, the pots.
Back Patio

Back Patio, New Dirt I Put Down, Next To Pots. Today I put 2 Black Krim ‘mater starters in and 3 green zukes. This is gonna grow over the fencing. Want zukes? *G*

Back Patio

Back Patio.

Back Patio

That’s where the benches went! I’ve filled that lil 2 x 12 with more stuff than I ever have, we’ll see how it grows!

More Honey Flowers, Of Course, In Back!

N to close, more Honey Flowers, Cuz Well, she’s got the green thumb too! Purdy, huh! *G*

Back Patio

Well, that’s about it for now, till it all grows up and we’re surrounded by jungles of greens and more, and we have to sneak door to door to drop off sacks of zukes n beans we can’t eat.

Stealth gardening, in the hood, urban max.

What are YOU growing?


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