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Deborah Emin: Scags at 18 (novel) – Book Salon Preview, Lisa Derrick Hosts

Saturday, May 5, 2012, 5pm ET.

Scags at 18 (novel)

Chat with Deborah Emin about her new book, hosted by Lisa Derrick.

“I’m not in Skokie anymore . . . finding sex, love, and politics in my first time away from home.”

Scags writes (in diary format) of her first semester in college during the turbulent end of the 1960s. Join her as she goes to an elite college and discovers sex, love (with the wrong sort of man) and the political upheavals of her times. Follow her to Washington, DC for the anti-war march in November, 1969 and how this further telling of her awakenings leads her to a fuller appreciation of life beyond her bubble-enclosed Skokie, IL.

Her first diary entry starts like this:

Mama handed me this diary at the train station. I don’t think she realized what effect this gift would have on me. I’m sure my face betrayed how frightened I was of leaving home. She must have thought a diary would be helpful, be a companion on the train ride. When I opened her present as the train pulled out of the station, the first thing that caught my eye was my name, Scags Morgenstern, embossed on its blue leather cover.

Scags at 18 is second in a series of four books all told in Scags’ voice as she grows and develops, moving from the relative safety of home in Scags at 7, to the world of college in the 1960s, to New York City during the turbulent 1980s and into Scags’ middle age where she ends her saga, but not the overarching story of the entire series. The series is an attempt to capture a woman’s journey from childhood onward, a constant coming of age story that never really ends.

Deborah Emin, originally began her career in trade publishing doing everything from answering the phones to reading the manuscripts in the slush pile.

Eventually, she worked as an editor at a small trade publisher (now defunct) and on a freelance basis. She also learned the business of scientific, technical and medical publishing where she was a copywriter and then worked on the marketing of professional books in a number of scientific disciplines. In addition to her years of publishing experience, she has taught writing for over 15 years in a number of settings to over 1,000 students. In addition to being the publisher of Sullivan Street Press, Deborah is also one of its authors and the impresario of the Itinerant Book Show. And as program director for the REZ Reading Series in Kew Gardens, Queens, she brings readers and writers together on regular basis in her own neighborhood. (Sullivan Street Press)

And read Deborah Emin’s reflections on books for women:

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