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Hi y’all.

I’m especially happy to be working with Firedoglake today after seeing them support a cause I’m also targeting from another angle. The recent action alert to pressure Obama to sign the Executive Order ENDA echoes my work with the Occupy Austin OccuQueers and Get Equal Texas. Some days ago I participated in the first stage of an escalating campaign of direct action on Executive ENDA by delivering pens to Austin’s Obama For America headquarters.

The OccuQueers were tipped off that one of Obama’s LGBT advisors was coming to town Sunday for a ‘LGBT Briefing’ at the Four Season’s Hotel downtown. A few of us hoped to attend and ask questions about why Obama isn’t keeping his promises to our community. When I RSVP’d for the event, I quickly received a reply from Nydia Gutiérrez letting me know I was on the guest list.

The following morning, while I ate at Waffle House, I noticed another email. Could I please send my address, employer, and any group affiliations? Before I could reply, I had yet another email, but this time from Obama For America’s Mary Pharris asking me to call. When she called back she told me, without asking any questions, that the guest list was closed and I wasn’t on it. She apologized for the inconvenience but would contact me in the future if there were events I could participate in.

I don’t know how personally to take this — did they google my name after accepting my RSVP and go ‘Oh crap, that’s the guy who mic checked Arne Duncan?’ — because after their flip flop on my attendance they also rejected other allies of ours, including an active duty service member. Regardless, it’s a continued disappointment that while Obama expects the support of the LGBT community, they ignore their promises to us while holding secretive strategy briefings.

We’ll keep the pressure up. They can ‘Expect Us,’ as someone once said.

That’s what’s on the mind of this queer hippie occupier & an unapologetic Lady Gaga Fan. What’s on your mind today? This is today’s open thread.

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Kit OConnell

Kit OConnell

Kit O’Connell is a gonzo journalist and radical troublemaker from Austin, Texas. He is the Associate Editor and Community Manager of Shadowproof. Kit's investigative journalism has appeared in Truthout, MintPress News and