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Has Occupy Been Designated a Terrorist Group? Welcome Back Cointelpro!

After seeing the F.B.I. use the same type of sting operation it has so far used on Islamic extremeists and right wing militia types, it is hard to come to any other conclusion.
The timing of the arrrests of the Cleveland 5 was quite obviously intended to break up the Mayday demonstrations that were planned. But also to send a message – to discredit Occupy and discourage others who might be considering exercising their rights to free speech and peaceful assembly.
It was a wise move for Occupy Cleveland to pull the plug. Word got out they feared their ranks may have been further infiltrated, and provocatuers were going to start trouble – vandalize at the event.
I suppose the big question is, was this just one office operating outside the norm, or shouldd Occupy be expecting to see much more of this cointelpro type activity?
The story, as I am getting it, is the F.B.I. informant was on probation, and had a record for cocaine possesion. The F.B.I. gave him money to rent a warehouse which he allowed Occupy to use part of as a front. He had the five accused working for him part time. (Probably to create a dependence – some of these were homeless.) It started with them discussing using smoke bombs to create a diversion while they spray painted billboards.
Apparently this is when the informant got them to ratchet things up.
What I and many others don’t understand is, wouldn’t the F.B.I.s resources be better spent going after right wing – neo nazi militias who already have a track record of killing people and blowing things up? Just think – these folks already have huge caches of arms and explosives, the F.B.I. wouldn’t have to sell them fake ones! Of course, there IS an element of RISK involved with going after these people – as opposed to 5 shabby men living in homeless shelters.

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