Austerity.  The other white meat?

Reading the numerous diaries here at FDL, I have stumbled upon many instances of people, either in the diary or the comments, saying that revolution tends to lead to a worse state of affairs for most because the Aholes at the top are replaced by … wait for it … yup, other Aholes.  Of course.  Oh Aholes, will you ever leave us alone?  And, on top of that, the second group is not just any type of Ahole.  No, they’re the apex of Ahole-ishness.  The pinnacle of that which is all Ahole.  Oh yes, all Ahole, all the time.  The Blue Ribbon, if you will, of being an Ahole.  Would you like some Grade A Aholes?  Well too bad, them’s the sucky breaks.

Entering its fourth year in recession, Greece now outstrips even Spain for youth unemployment with the new statistics published yesterday showing joblessness among the under-25s at 51.2 per cent. The headline unemployment rate is 21.7 per cent while the real rate is believed to be closer to 25 per cent.

1 out 4 overall unemployed?  What could possibly go wrong?

The 77-year-old pensioner pulled the trigger as people were emerging from a nearby metro station in the morning rush hour. One witness told state TV that before shooting himself he had shouted, “I’m leaving because I don’t want to pass on my debts.”


“The Tsolakoglou occupation government has nullified any chance of my survival which was based on a decent salary that for 35 years I alone (without state support) paid for, ” said the note, likening the Athens government to that run by Giorgos Tsolakoglou who headed a collaborationist administration when the Nazis invaded and occupied Greece during the second world war.

“Because I am of an age that does not allow me to forcefully react (without of course excluding that if some Greek took a Kalashnikov first, I would be the second) I see no other solution than a decent ending before I start looking in the garbage to feed myself. I believe that youth who have no future will one day take up arms and hang the national traitors upside-down in Syntagma square just as the Italians did in 1945 to Mussolini.”

Yup, nothing to see here.  That pot is not about to boil at all.  Let’s all keep walking.  Look over there … ponies …  What could possibly go wrong?

Half of the under 25s unemployed?  But unlike the 77 year old, gee I wonder if those youngsters are just going to “take it”?  Gee I wonder …

It’s in this environment [unemployment 25%, 50% for < 25 age group] that a fringe group of neo-Nazis that would previously have struggled to attract a hundred supporters to one of its rallies seems set to enter parliament according to polls.

Together with two other ultra-nationalist parties, LAOS and Independent Greeks, some surveys indicate that the far right could take as much as one-fifth of the vote on Sunday.

My math is a little rusty, but isn’t 1/5th 20%?  Ultra-nationalists?  Yup, what could possibly go wrong with this idea?

One of the new lawmakers is likely to be Elias Panayiotaros. A candidate for central Athens, he runs a shop called Phalanx selling military gear. His business card features a Byzantine eagle and a skull and crossbones. Speaking at the party’s offices opposite the Larrisis train station where volunteers do weekly handouts of clothes and food to “needy Greeks”, Mr Panayiotaros said that the priority in the midst of the economic crisis was to throw out foreigners. “All of the immigrants are illegal, even the ones that have been in the country for a long time and they have to be punished,” he said.

Yup, because it’s the immigrants who caused this.  Definitely not the 1% of Greece or the corrupt politicians.  Because that would be crazy talk.  Of course, let’s blame the immigrants.  Sheriff Joe, is that you? Did Sheriff Joe move to Greece?  Well let’s check out “his” website.  Sorry Joe, although you would fit right in with the whole immigrant-bashing schtick, you would not be welcome in Greece.  Shhhhhhh, it’s because you would be an immigrant to them.  But you would fit right in … with the Golden Dawn platform

Greeks were afraid to leave their homes as immigrants were on a spree of robberies, rapes and murder, he said. The cost of jailing or deporting more than a million people would be offset, he said, by putting them into work camps. Those that were not prepared to work would not be given food, he added.

The costs would be “offset”.  I love how they use terms like offset so casually, like they’re taking a walk in the park, to describe this … “idea”.  Because if yo’re going with immigrant bashing (a popular sport I am told), then you might as well bring back work camps.  No work, no food – sounds fair, right?  Corporatists all over the world are salivating at the thought of making this work in the whole world.  Good job Douche Dawn, you’re what every Corporatist wants to be: slavers.

So to recap:

1. Immigrants bad.  They are to blame for everything.  (Hey, at least they haven’t blamed the teachers for everything …. yet?)

2. Immigrants so bad, we must jail them in work camps.  If they don’t work, they don’t eat.  (“No soup for you!”???  The Soup Nazi idea taken to Fed up depravity.)  Corporatists everywhere are wishing the Douche Dawn well.  Because if Douche Dawn can do it, so can they.

Of course, there’s more.  There’s always more.

Another priority would be the immediate closure of all foreign non-governmental organisations, which would be compelled to return all funds to the Greek state. A new organisation would be established, he said, to be called “doctors with borders” which would provide medical services exclusively to Greeks.

Once Greece was withdrawn from the EU’s passport-free Schengen zone and the borders were sealed, all foreigners would require a visa to visit Greece, including the millions of tourists who come each year.

“Doctors with borders”?  Ya, that’s the ticket.  Immediate closing of all foreign non-governmental organizations?  Well in their defense, it is hard to set up a Corporatist government when you have to compete with the one already in place and foreign corporatists as competition.  (BTW, for the record, NDAA disclosure, I love corporatists, they’re like the gummi bears of candy, … providing no benefit whatsoever, but damn hard to resist.)

“We’re not afraid to be called Nazis or fascists – the whole political system is against us,” said Mr Panayiotaros. Appeals by mainstream parties for Golden Dawn to be prevented from entering parliament were met with veiled threats against MPs.

Asked about the party leader Nikos Michaloliakos’ links to the military junta which ruled Greece between 1967-1974, he said that people were calling for the return of George Papadopoulos, the leader of the Colonel’s regime.

“The name of Papadopoulos is being heard everywhere,” he said.

Are these folks serious?  They want this douche, who is dead BTW, as their symbol of GreeceMilitary dictator who tortured thousands of … wait for it … yup, Greeks.  And working with the CIA as well.  Oh CIA, is there one country in this world you half-wits haven’t FUBARed?

Ahead of its most uncertain election, the Golden Dawn’s message is getting through to some first-time voters such as Ioanna Vassila, who is unemployed. Attending a political rally for the first time in her life, the 29-year-old said she was excited to be voting for a patriotic party and that it was time to for Greece to be “cleansed of the foreigners”. Laughing and joking with her boyfriend they applauded as men in paramilitary uniforms waved black flags and chanted “Greece for the Greeks”.

25% overall unemployment, with 50% for those under 25.  Driving the ignorant into the hands of the Douche Dawn.

F and me.  What the F could possibly go wrong?