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Of course, Mitt WILLARD Romney has his head up the culo from which he speaks

There are a group of so-called people (more like non-humans) who celebrate the death of Jesus. And seem to want to do it again. Recently, Paul ryan – whom i personally believe has BIPOLAR disorder – put the fraudster ayn rand right at the cross with a hammer and nails. And then lied about his faith and lied about what he said and what he did with the additional sin of bearing false witness. But this fool pales in comparison to WiLLARD romney – who completely denies Jesus and of course worships the golden calf and some clown whose idea of populating the world was to deprive other men of their ability to have a wife.

Specifically the instance of Chen Guangcheng who protested china’s method of population management which Mitt Romney refuses to address except to promote a religion which celebrates population explosion. To be sure, Willard – his REAL name – has his friends whose saviors and vanguards for human co-operation and social networking and modesty – are nill. Willard doesnt have enough money and never will. In fact, instead of putting the money he “stole” back into circulation,

he employs his wealth as a weapon upon which to bond others into indentured servitude

then he can keep bragging about how successful “he” is.

Mitt Romney has been famous for speaking from his lower half. In fact, his solutions for anything at all vary between proposing nothing at all and descimating local businesses, rendering the population to forced low wages for his backers to enrich himself. And now he holds himself out as a failed movie critic who figures his stupidity will instead be seen as the next coming of joseph smith – an adulterer and cult leader who is the father of “war on women”.

China has an overpopulation problem. It is serious and needs a remedy. The U.S. has this problem and refuses to peoperly address it. The planet is stressed out. Entire species have vanished. The forests are mostly gone. The oil cos are drilling where no man should go. The world has a serious overpopulation problem and only the chinese have sought a remedy – objectionable as it may seem – to put a halt to a condition that would lead to mass hunger, death from starvation, and suffocation from planetary oxygen depletion (not from too many breathing people thank you) from disruption or elimination of oxygen producing sources. So the chinese move into his house. Much like a reality TV show – cameras and all. The U.S. voices objection but chooses not to go to war against China.

Of course Willard the Waiter objects to the U.S. objection.

Of course Willard actually does have an idea about things. Of course his ideas consist of doing things one day and not doing them another. Of course he would have made a decision to take out bin laden. Of course he would also have made a decision not to take out bin laden. Of course he supports george bush and would have invaded iraq. Of course he would have allowed wallstreet to crash the economy. Of course he would have bankrupted the American Auto Industry. Of course he would have declared imminent domain upon the residents of Michigan. Of course he supports the current fool governor of Wisconsin. Of course he supports his party’s war on women. Of course he supports unlimited campaign financing for a public office in a government he despises because he doesnt own it. Of course he would drill for oil all over the Grand Canyon and the backyard of the American landscape while he parties with his backers in their sky boxes. Of course he favors making alcohol illegal and re-igniting prohibition. Of course he would bomb iran and anything else netanyahu orders him to do. Of course WILLARD has his head up the culo from which he speaks.

One wonders who the bigger fool is, willard or the moronmons that think he is worth a plug nickel. For a fool who speaks with his head up the culo the real question the idiots who support him have no answer for is, whose culo?

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