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NC NAACP blasts race-based ‘Trojan Horse’ regressive wedge strategy waged by Amendment One supporters

Vote for Marriage NC, you have cultivated all of the recent sick, violent, racist, homophobic crap and disinformation we’ve seen related to support of Amendment One in the last few days, as the vote approaches and anti-gay forces are so unhinged that they forgot to take off their KKK holds. When it gets so bad that the wife of a state senator declares the basis for her hubby’s sponsorship of Amendment One is to protect the Caucasian race (captured on video!), your movement has no defense, no moral ground whatsoever. It’s also fair to say it reflects a lack of education about procreation and the extinction of any group of people as well, but whatever…

The NC NAACP had to step in and call this last bit of business out for what it is — the bold end result of the official strategy of the National Organization for Marriage (and its partners in discrimination around the country) to try to drive a wedge between the black and LGBT communities to pass discriminatory amendments and prevent the advancement of LGBT rights.  Rev. Dr. William Barber makes it clear in the organization’s  release:

NC NAACP Statement on Alleged Comments Made Earlier Today by Supporter of Discriminatory Amendment One and the Cynical Puzzle of Race-Based Political Agendas and Money Behind Amendment One

The alleged comments by the supporter of Amendment One would be less concerning if they did not fit as a piece of the cynical puzzle of race-based political agendas and money found in the forces and rationales behind the Discriminatory Amendment. The reality is that the extreme right wing forces behind this amendment are the same people waging a public policy campaign against African-Americans, Latinos, Native Americans, the poor and other minorities. Therefore, the alleged comments and the well-documented rationale represented in them are not surprising.They only serve to help connect the dots between a regressive, race-based strategy to pass Amendment One and the larger attack on the rights of minorities for the purpose of maintaining power in the hands of the few.

This Trojan Horse trick is perhaps most clearly evident in the recently unsealed secret documents from the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) revealing the real strategy behind this amendment. Their 2009 report reads:

“The strategic goal of this project is to drive a wedge between gays and blacks — two key Democratic constituencies. Find, equip, energize and connect African American spokespeople for marriage; develop a media campaign around their objections togay marriage as a civil right; provoke the gay marriage base into responding by denouncing these spokesmen and women as bigots. No politician wants to take up and push an issue that splits the base of his party. Fanning the hostility raised in the wake of Prop 8 is key to raising the costs of pushing gay marriage to its advocates … find attractive young black Democrats to challenge white gay marriage advocates electorally.”[1]

We already know that two groups on the steering committee behind this amendment, the Family Research Council and the American Family Association, are affiliated with national organizations recognized as hate groups by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The real insult to the Civil Rights Movement is that the same regressive, ultra-conservative Tea Party type folks suing to overturn the 1965 Voting Rights Act, re-segregating and robbing our public schools of valuable resources, blocking workers’ rights to organize, trying to force us all to get photo ID’s to exercise our right to vote and cut back on the time and opportunities to vote, and attempting to repeal the Racial Justice Act, now somehow think the sons and daughters of the Civil Rights Movement cannot see through their Trojan Horse trick.

And now this — the allegation of a blatant reference to a twisted race-based rationale for Amendment One being written in the first place. North Carolinians must reject this ultra-conservative, regressive and mean spirited agenda. We must be better than this as a state and as a people who make glowing claims to our belief in justice and fairness for all. We must vote AGAINST discrimination, division and hate in our Constitution. We must vote AGAINST Amendment One.

In addition, the North Carolina State Conference of the NAACP is holding a press conference today with clergy and local community leaders in Rocky Mount, to make clear the importance of voting during the May 8, primary and the constitutional dangers facing all North Carolinians through Amendment One. The event will be held at the Greater Joy Baptist Church at 1:45 PM ET.

Here are two NAACP radio ads with Rev. Dr. William Barber running now through primary day on May 8:



And here is the NAACP’s “10 Reasons to Vote Against Amendment One” (PDF).

UPDATE: The ill-timed (for V4MNC) and disgusting racist statements of Jodie Brunstetter, the wife of North Carolina Sen. Peter Brunstetter (R) have actually started turning black voters against the amendment. (Think Progress):

Brunstetter made her argument within earshot of an African American poll worker. “He was standing there with his back to us. Now, I was kind of watching him out of the corner of my eye because, you know when she started talking about the Caucasian race diminishing, I saw his whole body, he threw his head back and his mouth came open and he could not believe what he was hearing,” Maloy said and noted — with some degree of satisfaction — that Brunstetter’s remarks convinced two African American women to oppose the measure:

MALOY: I had been having a real intense conversation with these two women, both of whom were black, and both of whom were voting for the amendment and both of whom really changed their mind. And not only that, but they were going to go talk to a whole lot of people. Once they heard how many people would be harmed by this and what the spirit of the amendment is.

“I was kind of giving her an opportunity to say what she really believed. I wasn’t pushing anything,” Maloy added. “The fact that she did say this to me — maybe she thought all white people believed this.”



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