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State of the Occupation: May Day Wrap-Up Edition

Occupy Cleveland (OH):  OC’s May Day Rally was canceled after the FBI made 5 arrests of some slow witted black block-ers in an alleged “bomb plot”.  The FBI affidavits described the individuals involved attending an OC event and “moving through the group expressing displeasure at the crowds unwillingness to behave violently.”  The initial plot described in the affidavit was a smoke bomb used as a distraction for the group defacing a downtown a billboard.  However after investing months of time, assigning undercover FBI Agents and paying thousands of dollars to a Confidential Informant they were able to start May Day off with an Occupy “Bomb Plot” Bust!

To add insult to injury, the City of Cleveland has now stated that they will not renew the permit for Occupy Cleveland’s encampment.

Occupy Los Angeles (CA):  OLA used the “Four Winds” tactic and to converged on downtown with 4 caravans of people walking, cycling, driving and even using public transit.   There were designated stops along each caravan’s route however they had worked their way through police blockades to get to both the stops and downtown where they held a permit for their gathering.   There were at least 13 arrests.

Occupy Wall Street (NY):  Thousands came out to participate in marches and activities.  Occupy Wall Street took over 5th Avenue for a time before riot police forced the occupiers back onto the sidewalks.  The day was filled with impromptu direct actions targeting Manhattan Banks organized through Twitter @OWStactical.   At least 30 confirmed arrests.

Occupy Oakland (CA):  Thousands of protestors were met with Police Violence which included Flash-Bangs, Mini-Tanks and Tear-Gas.  Over 25 were taken into custody.

Occupy San Francisco (CA):  OSF occupied a vacant building the night before May Day.  The group offered food and activities at the location and was reportedly occupied by as many as 200 people on May Day.  The occupation ended early this morning with a SFPD raid and 26 arrests.  Ferries were preemptively shut down in anticipation of the Ferry Workers demonstration.  SEIU canceled the shutdown of the Golden Gate Bridge when faced with hundreds of CA Highway Patrol threatening the Union members and Occupiers with arrest.

Occupy Miami (FL):  Hundreds participated in a downtown march which resulted in at least 3 arrests, media consortium arrest map listed one of the arrests as a livestreamer.

Occupy Albany (NY):  OA’s attempt to reoccupy Lafayette Park between the NY State Capitol building and City Hall resulted in 20 arrests, which involved local police and NYS Troopers.  The Albany County District Attorney, David Soares, has again taken a stand and stated that he will not prosecute protesters for nonviolent offenses.

Occupy Portland (OR):  Several thousand people participated in marches and rallies.  OP occupied a foreclosed home while police were dealing with the day’s activities.  12 arrests were made during an unpermitted parade.

Occupy Philly (PA):  Hundreds took to the street to march and 2 occupiers were arrested outside of a Wells Fargo Bank Branch after a patron allegedly shoved his ATM card into a female occupier’s mouth.  Occupy Philly also had one of the best chants I came across: “Wells Fargo what the fuck… We bailed you out and you still suck!”

Occupy Seattle (WA):  Mayor Mike McGinn responded to May Day with an “Emergency Order” which gave police the authority to determine what items could be used as weapons and then confiscate items those items, items confiscated included flags & flagpoles!  At least 2 confirmed arrests.

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Samantha Colon

Samantha Colon