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Occupy Lei Day

On May Day, which is known as Lei Day here in the Isles, Occupy Hilo hosted a potluck picnic/signwaving event in solidarity with OWS’s May Day effort. At the height of our festivities, we had fielded about 20 enthusiastic sign wavers.

We did score some political points when we had to compete with Mufi Hannemann’s (Hawaii’s 2nd CD, Mazie’s current seat) campaign crew on our left (the small group of red shirts in the last segment of my YouTube), and then Mazie Hirono’s campaign crew (US Senate, Akaka’s seat) on our right (you can barely discern them in my clip), Occupy Hilo blew them both out of the water with the sheer number of honks and shakas we were receiving! After about 45 mins, the Mufi crew packed it in! I think they were also miffed that we’d already Occupied the prime Real Estate, we did get some honks and shakas from the departing Mufi supporters…! It was awesome…!

Now, I’ve been somewhat derelict in my reporting of Occupy Hilo’s numerous recent activities, that have been garnering a lot of headline-grabbing reporting from our local press, which is surprising, since both our local rags(Hilo and Kona) are owned wholly by the overt right wing Stephens Media Group. For instance, April 25’s headline was Geothermal concerns vented, followed up the next day, with another frontpage article; Geothermal safety mulled. Now, imagine my surprise when I saw this pic of me, yesterday morning… Occupy HELCO protest… I’m infamous now, literally, (with my name listed first) with that 1/4 page sized pic being posted right next to the daily ‘Citizens Arrested and Charged’ listing, on page A8…!

Now, here’s a well-written article of all the hullabaloo here on the Big Isle, in regards to HELCO and Geothermal, which is stoking our big citizen-based pushback against it… Geothermal Development in Hawaii, or Not: Some Observations…

Now, Hawai’i was not spared from any arrests in our Lei Day activities… Occupy Honolulu actually experienced an arrest during their Lei Day actions, for ‘disorderly conduct’, for having the sheer audacity to ask a simple question of the Mayor…! On a side note, Occupy Honolulu has been continuously encamping since the very start of OWS, despite daily raids, and, being forced onto the sidewalks of Ala Moana Park…! Can any Fire pups on Oahu, step up, and ascertain their needs and facilitate any Occupy Supply deliveries…?

One last note, Occupy Hilo, in conjunction with other Occupies in the Isles, has stopped significant State legislation, an insidious attempt at the very last hour to ‘gut and replace’ an Environmental bill, that we’d supported beforehand, that would’ve created a massive loophole for Monsanto’s GMO practices here in the Isles, when the actual original bill had specifically targeted Monsanto, and more broadly GMO’s here in the Isles…! A cautionary tale to all; Be Vigilant…!

Occupy Everywhere and always Occupy with Aloha …!

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