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BREAKING NEWS From Occupy Minnesota

This is deadly serious and has repercussions on multiple levels. I work with Communities United Against Police Brutality and we were approached by the young men involved in getting this footage. We all agreed to keep silent until the decision was made to release it. It has now been released.

Here is the backdrop to the story. Some activists from Occupy Minneapolis noticed something very peculiar. At the Occupy Minnesota site at Peavey Plaza a number of out state police and sheriffs agencies were dropping off young men who were obviously under the influence of something. The Occupy Minnesota people approached them and asked what was going on.

The response they received was shocking, to say the least. According to them, local Minnesota law enforcement were driving up to them and offering them narcotics. Yes you hear that right, narcotics. Illegal narcotics. The young men stated that these various agencies were taking to a location in Richfield, Minnesota and them giving them a variety of illicit drugs. They were told that they had to do the narcotics in front of them, where the various law enforcement agencies observed and recording them. As an aside, Richfield, Minnesota is close to where the famous Mall Of America is located.

When these young activists found this out they wondered what they could do about it. They decided to continue looking out and noticed that it was a very regular occurrence. Downtown Minneapolis was a hub for these “officers of the peace” to take young people, give them various illicit substances and then observe them, record them and then let them go.

Apparently always in the vicinity of the Occupy Minnesota camp, in downtown Minneapolis. They even got audio of the police officers offering drugs to some of the local homeless people in Minneapolis. Also they approached one of the well know Occupy people and gave him the drugs. He was “Lit up pretty good” by the aforementioned police officers.

When we first got this information from the Occupy folks, we talked of the implications this had to the movement. I mentioned that this kind of thing was pretty standard practice for police forces in northern Ireland. That is was done to gather informants and information on the community engaged in resistance. We in northern Ireland also noted that it our opinion that this was a tactic to try and tamp down resistance. Not to mention a way to attempt to discredit our community.

Here is the video footage. It is pretty damning and is in fact evidence of police engaged in blatant illegal activity. The video makes a number of references to Min-Dot. This stands for the Minnesota Department Of Transportation, located in Richfield, Minnesota. This seems to be one of the places the police take people and give them the drugs. Also one person claimed that he was given drugs inside the Minneapolis Police Department, First Precinct.

I will leave up to you to draw your own conclusions on why the police are doing this and how widespread it is. Is this authorized on the Federal level?

I will keep you all  updated on this breaking news story.


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Michael Cavlan RN

Michael Cavlan RN