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The Three Amigos: Scott Walker, Chris Christie and John Doe

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So, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is coming to Wisconsin on Tuesday to stump for his old pal, Scott Walker.

An occurrence like this is pure blogger fodder. One could point out how both Christie and Walker are experts at driving jobs out of their respective states as they drive said states into the ground. One could point out the jobs and the revenue they chased out due to their siderodromophobia (fear of trains). One could also talk about how their austerity ideology is really hurting local governments and destroying everyone’s quality of life. Or, in a stretch, one could point out how neither of them seems to be around when their constituents need them the most, like in weather-related disasters.

Heck, one could even bring up the question if Walker’s campaign is violating the law with an illegal raffle.

But instead of any of those, I just wanted to point out that Walker will be welcoming Christie by covering him with the stain of Walkergate, the John Doe investigation into the illegal campaigning and other criminal acts by Walker, his campaign and his former and current staffers.

To start out with, the first notice I received of Christie’s pending visit was from his campaign. But just not from the campaign, but from Andrea Boom:

Andrea Boom is the Finance Director for Friends of Scott Walker, his campaign. But Ms. Boom is also so much more than that.

Ms. Boom is also BFF with Kelly Rindfleisch, the former Deputy Chief of Staff for Walker while he was Milwaukee County Executive. Rindfleisch is currently facing four charges of illegally campaigning for Walker and his choice of Lieutenant Governors, Brett Davis, while on the tax payers dime. According to transcripts released during Rindfleisch’s hearings, it appears that Rindfleisch might have been instrumental in getting Boom her current job.

But as I always say, when it comes to Walker, there’s more. There’s always more.

A tipster cued me in that Walker and Christie will be having, besides their two fundraising dinners, a photo op right here in Milwaukee. And not just anywhere in Milwaukee either:

KEI is short for Kujawa Enterprises, Incorporated. Its Executive Vice President is Chris Kujawa. Kujawa and Walker go way back, with Kujawa being a long time donor to Walker’s campaigns. In return, Walker would hold his showboating events at Kujawa’s business and steer Milwaukee County contracts to them.

But there is more to Kujawa than the apparent pay for play stuff. Just like Boom, Kujawa is also entangled with Walkergate.  [cont’d]

In 2007, Kujawa was running for Milwaukee County Supervisor, with Walker’s endorsement. Involved with his campaign was Brian Pierick and Tim Russell. Pierick, who was listed as Kujawa’s treasurer, has been charged with child enticement, which stemmed as an offshoot of the Walkergate investigations. However, it was Russell, who was also working in then Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker’s administration at the time, that was actually handling the money.

And I do mean handling.

Russell, the long time Walker aide, good friend and confidante has been charged with embezzling from Kujawa’s campaign as well as another politician’s campaign and a veterans fund. (Kujawa’s name is sprinkled throughout the criminal complaint against Russell, but the meaty stuff starts on page 24 and includes a note written on KEI letterhead on page 26.)

It’s a curiosity that any rational mind would consider an endorsement from the vulgar Christie to be a positive thing in the first place. But then for Walker to thank him for his support by covering him in the stench and slime of his own corruption is truly baffling. These Republicans sure are odd ducks, aren’t they?

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David Dayen

David Dayen