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Occupy Movement’s May Day Actions (M1GS Liveblog)

Dustin M. Slaughter of the David and Goliath Project has been invited to blog here at The Dissenter throughout May Day. Slaughter has done some great work covering the Occupy movement through social media and blogging since the early days of Occupy. As mentioned, we will be doing shifts so we can cover as much of the May Day action as possible. Slaughter is taking the first shift. We will announce ourselves when we begin a shift. We have four shifts planned for the day.

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all enjoying Firedoglake’s continuing coverage of this historic May Day, 2012. I’m taking over the helm from Kevin from now until 8pm, so settle in, because it’s been a busy day and will continue to be so. And now, a brief recap from the day:

Oakland police fired tear gas at Occupy Oakland protesters. At least one arrest there so far.

Molly Knefel is reporting unprovoked arrests by NYPD during one of Occupy Wall Street’s many May Day marches – including officers ripping Bike Bloc cyclists off of their bikes.

And I just returned from Occupy Philadelphia’s “Strike the Banks” actions, where two protesters were arrested during a blockade of a Wells Fargo branch.

Stay tuned, and please check out Kevin’s previous blog on events happening across the country.

8:15 pm – This blog is closed. Updates resume here until at least midnight. Kevin Gosztola is taking over.

7:53 pm – @Bobsterrob reports that San Francisco police presence is increasing, with vans and barricades, after Occupy San Francisco re-occupied the 888 Turk commune:

7:45 pm – @Jopauca is reporting that things are already getting “tense” down at Wall Street, as upwards of 20,000 continue to march to New York’s financial district:

7:39 pm – Live helicopter shot of Occupy Oakland’s march, where they plan to return to Oscar Grant Park shortly – despite receiving an unlawful assembly order to disperse earlier and enduring tear gas in the same area earlier this afternoon.

7:36 pm – Occupy Wall Street’s massive labor march is passing City Hall, with the front end of the march approaching Wall Street now. Estimates put the number in five digits:

7:22 pm – The San Francisco Chronicle published an article today on a federal court monitor criticizing police handling of Occupy Oakland.

7:18 pm – Thousands of Occupy Oakland protesters are marching from Fruitvale BART station to meet up with others in downtown Oakland, via @Tyska:

7:11 pm – A breathtaking shot of the Occupy Chicago march from 3 pm today:

6:53 pm – Occupy Chicago is apparently working on shutting down their 5th Bank of America today, and are blockading an intersection:

6:42 pm – Occupy Wall Street is now marching through SoHo en route to Wall Street. One protester reports the march is so massive as it heads down Broadway, that the crowd fades into the horizon. Livestreamer Tim Pool shot this beautiful picture as labor and Occupy march in solidarity:

6:28 pm – Occupy Oakland continues to march. Some protesters have set up a barricade against the police. Occupy Oakland took this picture of a police tank just a short time ago:

6:19 pm – Mail Online releases a story on an alleged plot to blow up a Cleveland Bridge and explode a car bomb outside a Federal Reserve bank. The FBI says the accused anarchists attended Occupy Cleveland meetings.

6:04 pm – Via @OccupySeattle: Mayor McGinn has declared a state of emergency, ordering police to confiscate anything that can be used as “weapons” – including signs mounted on wooden sticks. Broken bank windows. cars damaged, and apparent incendiary devices used by alleged Black Bloc protesters:

6:01 pm – Occupy San Francisco retakes the San Francisco commune, otherwise known as 88 Turk:

5:53 pm – NYPD confirms to the New York Daily News that 30 protesters have been arrested so far during OWS May Day activities. Tim Pool is livestreaming as many thousands march towards Wall Street.

5:45 pm – Livestreamer WeAreChange is following a massive labor march as it leaves Union Square towards Wall Street.

5:38 pm – @Susie_C confirms one “targeted snatching” of a Berkley organizer. Protesters now have 2 minutes to disperse under an “unlawful assembly” order.

5:24 pm – CourtneyOccupy is reporting a “riot line” of Oakland police, and apparently more tear gas has been fired. She’s livestreaming right now.

5:17 pm – @AdamSkirstin is reporting that a number of unions have arrived at Union Square for a planned – and permitted – march down to Wall Street:

5:08 pm – Occupy LA is converging on downtown Los Angeles for direct actions at banks, reports @LEFoliart:

5:07 pm – Occupy San Francisco is marching to their new occupation:

4:56 pm – Occupy Detroit is re-occupying the site of their previous encampment:

4:53 pm – Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is confirmed shut down via OccupyLAMedia livestream.

4:38 pm – Union Square is reportedly packed right now. A permitted march will start from there and head to Wall Street at 5 pm:

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