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Occupy May Day Haiku. Post yours here!


Haiku is a very flexible form. Seemed kind of constraining at first, but after you get in the saddle,……5-7-5 fits just fine: Just give it a try. It does not have to be a ‘perfect fit’ as you can see from no. 1. Post your haiku in the comments and we will call this a haiku General Assembly.

Wikipedia on Haiku.



Is there a law a//

..gainst writing haiku//

in my blue Vee Double U?



Aftershocks!  Blwback!

Like revenge//A few things that

Tyrants should expect.



Implications for

An Occupying Army?//

That head is your own.



In my dream you win;

Never fail//Pick up, start over

At the starting block.



If corporations

Are people//And people die//

How come corps don’t die?



Your police baton/

Hurt//My brothers, my sisters//

Their wounds remember.



Dump the bath water/

(the capitalist baby)//

now an old monster.


Now it is your turn.
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