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May Day in Oakland!

Watch the Occupy Oakland’s May Day Actions Live!  (All Times are PST)

9AM – NOON: 3-4 morning actions,

Decentralized actions leaving from 3 points on the edge of downtown at 8:30am. These actions can take the form of “strike enforcement brigades” such as pickets, blockades, snake marches etc. Strike stations will be set up at each of these locations starting at 8am with coffee, snacks, water, propaganda etc.

Station 1  anti-capitalist: Snow Park – flying pickets to shut down banks and the Chamber of Commerce
Station 2  anti-patriarchy: 1st & Broadway – occupy Child Protective Services, called for by OOP
Station 3  anti-gentrification: 22nd & Telegraph – flying pickets to shut down Uptown & Downtown Business Associations

NOON – 1PM: Everyone Converge on Downtown: Mass rally from noon to 1pm at 14th & Broadway including speakers, food, music activities, etc.

1PM – 3PM: Themed Actions & Marches Around Downtown:
After the rally, those in attendance have the opportunity to stay downtown or join one of the autonomous actions that will be departing from 14th & Broadway to continue shutting down various capitalist institutions in the downtown area.

3PM: March for Dignity and Resistance
All are encouraged to join the march starting at Fruitvale BART station at 3pm.

6PM – 7PM: Reconvergence downtown to coincide with the march arrival: Everyone back downtown to rally and celebrate together as the March for Dignity and Resistance arrives.

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