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May Day Eve In SF-Fail!

I wake up this morning, get my coffee and the FIRST thing I see from one of my fav sites is an article about Occupy, anarchists, and May Day Eve mayhem in San Francisco’s Mission District.

This Is Just WRONG, Occupy!


Hmmm, police cars in front and in back of the 30 so who DID the violence? As one witness says, ‘escorting them’? Paid agents perhaps, in full view? We won’t know because Occupy has not divested themselves of these fuckwads!


Phreaking appalling!!!!

The Mission is NOT 1%, it’s NOT corporate based it’s full of family and independent business owners and people struggling with the fascist corporations who dominate their lives and efforts to run their own small businesses . . . you know, insurance companies, the companies who own their vendors (and the high prices they pay for the products they need to DO businesss).

What was done last night is unacceptable, intolerable and is the kind of thing that’s going to KILL occupy.

Occupy MUST divest itself, publicly, and enforce that divestment, from the anarchists and violence acting members who use Occupy as a shield to hide behind.

Then, and ONLY then, can Occupy and all the world know that any acts of violence are random, not Occupy sanctioned and likely in many cases the part of paid 1% agents provocateurs.

I have NOT caught up with May Day/Occupy across the country yet, but I sure as shit hope like hell there’s better news out there than what came from SF’s Mission District last night.

Occupy, it’s time to step forward and POLICE yourselves and make a statement and make a stand! You are LOSING me and too many of the 99%.

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